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  1. With agility, tested with GDK Trial, if camera is too zoomed in it gets stuck at the second net before tube.
  2. Ah okay, and if it stayed closer to the gate/pillar near the gate babies would be easier to hit. Different RsArea for different combat levels may help. Idk how you have it setup but that's how I did it when I made a private slayer script on another client
  3. Hello @Marcusihno , did you happen to just push 1.37? I think it broke the gui. Worked just fine. Restarted to use super potions at blue dragons, click start and now nothing. Loads the mouse but none of the other paint. Deleted my settings, deleted the hooks and completely restarted my pc >.> Also would baby blues be an option vs killing big blues? Flat 60 stats makes them kinda slow https://pastebin.com/4afYFwyq
  4. Same run instance as before. I'll try to snag a picture directly before the next system update for a close to 400hr run
  5. Not wildy mining but 6k and 4k + rune ore on these accounts in one run session
  6. That is fixed thank you, another I've noticed running on a level 3. Sometimes the spiders kill you, leading to your ore just sitting on the ground for an hour. Would picking it up being an option? Any time you see ore on the ground per say. In an hour its very likely you'll hope back into it Potentially an ore banked line in the paint also? Kinda see a ratio of lost to pkers vs what you've made it away with Another thing I've noticed. When using the ingame switcher, when it detects a player it will use the x in the top right and then log out. Adding extra steps and a few seconds for them to tag you, why not just hit the log out button in the bottom right? Assuming from using a regular tribot logout method?
  7. Wildy mining, when using burning amulets. When you use (1) to tele and then it crumbles because you used the last charge. It will head back to the bank, get another amulet then tele back Would you make it either not use (1) or not have a check for the burning amulet while in the wilderness, only when leaving the bank?
  8. I'm currently running 3 accounts with this (one has gained over 20m mining exp on rune ore alone ). I was watching them and had an idea as I just upgraded and started a small farm. Hoping all 3 to the same world when more than one ore is found && there aren't any ore on their current worlds. I often see people log in and snagging the other ores at Tzhaar while I work on the first. Id rather loose ore to my own accounts vs some random person
  9. It is still trying to enter 21 and 49 for me. World hoping rune ore. Hopping in order.
  10. Got this last night. Was not expecting it at all. Would of gotten longer but the paint likes to just go poof and disappear. But it was another 546 in just about 11-12hrs http://puu.sh/mmjlB/6d62c07454.jpg
  11. Tweaking camera and varrock currently. Only account I have that I'll run bot on is below 50, nothing against bot it's just main is maxed on rs3. I'll get to working on fally when I hit 50. Getting a constant 10k-11k on varrock with between 45-50 agility. Hopefully didn't break any other courses with tweaks I have done. I have not uploaded it yet. Edit: Tweaking fally atm.
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