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  1. No, all your local scripts are in that folder. But if you didn't put any there manually there shouldn't be any.
  2. @Fluffee Can you help him with this? I guess it's a bug.
  3. Maybe it's on the next page? Or is it a local script? To my understanding all your active scripts should be listed there except your local ones.
  4. 1. You can do that here: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/ 2. You can check that on the bottom of this page: https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/vip/
  5. A memory leak is something different from super high cpu usage. To avoid memory leaks turn of all the ingame sounds. Also try to set your client paint delay to 50 and see if you still have high cpu utilization.
  6. Thanks. In theory it should never run on seperate threads at the same time but I noticed I forgot a condition.
  7. No, I'm not Actually, I am The anti pk is on an external thread and uses daxwalker.
  8. I very rarely get this: [07:45:21] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap$Node cannot be cast to java.util.HashMap$TreeNode [07:45:21] at java.util.HashMap$TreeNode.moveRootToFront(Unknown Source) [07:45:21] at java.util.HashMap$TreeNode.treeify(Unknown Source) [07:45:21] at java.util.HashMap.treeifyBin(Unknown Source) [07:45:21] at java.util.HashMap.putVal(Unknown Source) [07:45:21] at java.util.HashMap.put(Unknown Source) [07:45:21] at java.util.HashSet.add(Unknown Source) [07:45:21] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.real_time_collision.RealTimeCollisionTile.create(RealTimeCollisionTile.java:185) [07:45:21] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.real_time_collision.CollisionDataCollector.generateRealTimeCollision(CollisionDataCollector.java:24) [07:45:21] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.local_pathfinding.PathAnalyzer.closestTileInPathToPlayer(PathAnalyzer.java:19) [07:45:21] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.local_pathfinding.PathAnalyzer.furthestReachableTile(PathAnalyzer.java:27) [07:45:21] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.interaction_handling.PathObjectHandler.lambda$9(PathObjectHandler.java:301) [07:45:21] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.WaitFor.condition(WaitFor.java:60) [07:45:21] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.interaction_handling.PathObjectHandler.handle(PathObjectHandler.java:299) [07:45:21] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.interaction_handling.PathObjectHandler.handle(PathObjectHandler.java:206) [07:45:21] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.WalkerEngine.walkPath(WalkerEngine.java:147) [07:45:21] at scripts.scriptname.tasks.WalkToBank.execute(WalkToBank.java:194) [07:45:21] at scripts.scriptname.scriptname.run(scriptname.java:103) [07:45:21] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) It's probably also the combination of walking while getting killed.
  9. No one who is getting 99's without getting banned is gonna tell you all of their secrets. A few factors that (probably) influence bans are: - The ip you bot on - What you are doing and if it's heavily botted - The quality of the script you're using
  10. Very nice. Especially the ability to start clients with a username that's not in the account manager.
  11. Welcome here, My advice is to not go from making 35k/h in f2p to a zulrah farm and expect to make profit. I think the best thing to do would be to try out something in between to gain experience botting. Bans are hard to predict if you have no experience. It could be that all your accounts get banned in the first week, if you know what you're doing they could all last quite a while. In your cost calculation I don't see budget for vps/electricity and proxies. What are your plans regarding this?
  12. @YoHoJo @Fluffee What is the verdict here?
  13. You probably won't hit it using only one account. But using multiple accounts on 1 ip constantly hopping will get you there
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