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  1. Gold prices went up (and have gone down again). But it increased the amount of players: http://www.misplaceditems.com/rs_tools/graph/
  2. Try RIght click > Open with > Select java 8.
  3. botuser420

    Laggy Client

    Welcome here. Ping is not the issue. The issue is not that many fps. You can possibly improve this by setting the client paint delay to 0. You'll find this at file > settings. But remember this client is not made to play the game yourself.
  4. Awesome! And even an extension, not what I expected. Thanks
  5. Thank you so much for this. Good times of uninterrupted botting are ahead.
  6. This is a bug in the tribot client. I've tried to bring this to the attention of @Todd before but no action was taken.
  7. It's not a waste of time if they get paid for it.
  8. No, it's not. Try restarting your client.
  9. How can you say such a thing on a botting forum?
  10. @Todd Could you also have a look at the loginbot. If remember username is selected and the wrong username is displayed it click a bit too low to erase it. After clicking it manually it works fine. This is when using the login.login(username, password) function. If you need more information let me know.
  11. I see. A quick google search resulted in this: https://github.com/JoeDezzy1/TRiBot-Scripting/tree/master/orbcrafter
  12. Yes that's the way you can do it. You can find the ID with a setting listener. There is one posted in probably the tools section of scripts.
  13. Ban rates continued to go up. I don't know when you botted but it's more challenging now. Welcome back.
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