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  1. botuser420

    Startup error

    the runescape servers are/were having some problems.
  2. Usually you check the length of an array to see if array[0] exists. You checked the length of array[0].
  3. 1. Click the skill symbol 2. Click confirm
  4. [21:15:38] Script Started: Fluffees Tutorial Island. [SUCCESS] Account Created! Email: [email protected]; Password: 10Outsung [21:16:01] java.lang.NullPointerException [21:16:01] at scripts.tutorialisland.w.<init>(TutorialIsland.java:42) [21:16:01] at scripts.tutorialislandscript.Main.k(Main.java:251) [21:16:01] at scripts.tutorialislandscript.Main.k(Main.java:123) [21:16:01] at scripts.fluffeesapi.scripting.frameworks.mission.missionTypes.n.k(MissionManager.java:85) [21:16:01] at scripts.fluffeesapi.scripting.frameworks.mission.scriptTypes.MissionManagerScript.e(MissionManagerScript.java:25) [21:16:01] at scripts.fluffeesapi.client.clientextensions.ScriptExtension.run(ScriptExtension.java:151) [21:16:01] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [21:16:01] Script Ended: Fluffees Tutorial Island. Script ends as soon as an account is created. Go ahead people and steal my account.
  5. If you have multiple clients open minimize them all. That should also help with fps.
  6. What do you have client paint delay set at?
  7. How many fps do you get running this? Laggy doens't have to be the scripts fault.
  8. Nice work. I tested it during the beta and it ran smooth. Did you add in saving accounts to a file yet?
  9. Looks like you received it
  10. @daxmagex left here a long time ago. I would ask for a refund.
  11. botuser420

    Credit refund

    Credits are non refundable.
  12. Are you opening the loader with java 8?
  13. Have you deleted hooks.dat and restarted the client twice yet?
  14. No, all your local scripts are in that folder. But if you didn't put any there manually there shouldn't be any.
  15. @Fluffee Can you help him with this? I guess it's a bug.
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