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  1. That would be perfect. I really like the script so far.
  2. Yes but I'm getting multiple files. That's why I asked is there a way to get all of them listed in one file?
  3. Awesome script. Is there a way to get all the created accounts in one file?
  4. It's probably fine. Nothing you can do to undo what happened. Just login and see if the account is banned. In my experience your mains will be fine.
  5. No, it's the latest regular release.
  6. Account sales are not allowed here but almost every other botting forum does. Just do a google search for something like "tutorial account osrs" and you'll find many.
  7. Be carefull. Next ban will probably be permanent.
  8. You should approach this very carefully. Switch up what you are doing, babysit and play legit in between botting sessions. I've heard max combat success stories with NMZ.
  9. So because he provided an awesome script for free and supported it for quite a while he is an asshole? It is FREE. How can you expect/demand him to keep updating it while he doesn't get paid for it? If he never wrote the script no one would have complained...
  10. Thanks! What would we do without you
  11. I also have this issue. Supposedly this is fixed in the dev version.
  12. Gold prices went up (and have gone down again). But it increased the amount of players: http://www.misplaceditems.com/rs_tools/graph/
  13. Try RIght click > Open with > Select java 8.
  14. botuser420

    Laggy Client

    Welcome here. Ping is not the issue. The issue is not that many fps. You can possibly improve this by setting the client paint delay to 0. You'll find this at file > settings. But remember this client is not made to play the game yourself.
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