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  1. If this isn't good advertisement for tribot I don't know what is. Very nice
  2. Do you open the .jar file with java 8?
  3. 1) how is the ban rates? are they the same as before? I remember alot of people that got a lot of bans daily back in the day! It only got worse. 2) I need to pay monthly for the bot to work 24/7 on multiplile accounts? Yes, but it's only $8/month. 3) is F2P farming profitable or its a waste of time? It can be profitable but you need to have it fully automated. Also f2p accounts get banned faster. *Any recomendations or tips to get me up and running again? Doing some WC at the moment xD Continue what you're doing. Just test things out. Start small. Get some experience with the current botting situation.
  4. Here is your solution: http://www.docs.tribot.org/tribot/latest/org/tribot/script/interfaces/MessageListening07.html
  5. My guess would be that when you open the cluescroll it opens an interface with text (the clue). I've never done clues so I don't know if it's always text or also an image sometimes. For images you would need to get more creative. The tribot api doesn't include something like OCR
  6. Your description of what you're trying to do is pretty vague. But you could maybe check if a certain interfaces is visible.
  7. With 16GB you should be able to run up to ~30 clients. But it would take a decent cpu.
  8. 1: Looking glass around still?. Yes it is. 2: Is botting just as bad as it is (ban rates?) It's only getting worse over time. 3: Tell me of your favorite script that you use nowadays My own
  9. Yeah, DaxWalker is the best one available by far
  10. Yeah, why get paid for a product you make and maintain when you can give it away for free?
  11. You should use General.println But I don't know why that would give an out of bounds exception.
  12. Yeah, it's a osrs server problem.
  13. botuser420

    Startup error

    the runescape servers are/were having some problems.
  14. Usually you check the length of an array to see if array[0] exists. You checked the length of array[0].
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