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  1. botuser420

    Tribot CLI Client starter for linux!

    Do you do you mean the client starter or the cli? As far as I know the cli should work for linux but the client starter might not
  2. botuser420

    TRiBot Release 10.8_0

    Now we are getting spoiled by all these updates. Awesome
  3. [17:24:45] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"start":{"x":3164,"y":3466,"z":0},"end":{"x":2946,"y":3369,"z":0},"player":{"attack":1,"defence":1,"strength":1,"hitpoints":10,"ranged":1,"prayer":1,"magic":1,"cooking":1,"woodcutting":1,"fletching":1,"fishing":1,"firemaking":1,"crafting":1,"smithing":1,"mining":1,"herblore":1,"agility":1,"thieving":1,"slayer":1,"farming":1,"runecrafting":1,"hunter":1,"construction":1,"setting":[{"key":176,"value":0},{"key":32,"value":0},{"key":71,"value":0},{"key":273,"value":0},{"key":144,"value":0},{"key":63,"value":0},{"key":179,"value":0},{"key":145,"value":0},{"key":68,"value":0},{"key":655,"value":0},{"key":10,"value":0},{"key":964,"value":0},{"key":399,"value":0},{"key":869,"value":0},{"key":314,"value":0},{"key":794,"value":0},{"key":440,"value":0},{"key":622,"value":0},{"key":131,"value":0},{"key":335,"value":0},{"key":299,"value":0},{"key":896,"value":0},{"key":671,"value":0},{"key":810,"value":33554432},{"key":17,"value":0},{"key":11,"value":0},{"key":347,"value":0},{"key":302,"value":0},{"key":111,"value":0},{"key":116,"value":0},{"key":482,"value":0},{"key":307,"value":0},{"key":165,"value":0},{"key":150,"value":0},{"key":425,"value":0},{"key":365,"value":0},{"key":1630,"value":0}],"varbit":[{"key":5087,"value":0},{"key":5088,"value":0},{"key":5089,"value":0},{"key":5090,"value":0},{"key":4895,"value":0}],"member":false,"equipment":[],"inventory":[{"key":1351,"value":1},{"key":590,"value":1},{"key":303,"value":1},{"key":315,"value":1},{"key":1925,"value":1},{"key":1931,"value":1},{"key":2309,"value":1},{"key":1265,"value":1},{"key":1205,"value":1},{"key":1277,"value":1},{"key":1171,"value":1},{"key":841,"value":1},{"key":882,"value":25},{"key":556,"value":25},{"key":558,"value":15},{"key":555,"value":6},{"key":557,"value":4},{"key":559,"value":2}]}} [17:24:45] [DaxWalker] [Error] Missing request header 'key' for method parameter of type String [17:24:45] [Walker Engine] Path is empty What am I doing wrong? I have all the latest dax_api files and imported the required libraries. At first I thought it had to do with the public api key not being set correctly. I played around with it but couldn't get it to work.
  4. Okay. Thanks for the fast answer
  5. Does this support using teleport to house and then exiting to the house portal as a travel method? And if so do you need to manually set the location of your house or does it auto detect? I don't have VIP-E so I can't test this right now.
  6. botuser420

    TRiBot Release 10.4_0

    Tribot seems to be moving in a really good direction with all of these improvements. It's making me think of botting again. When the licensing model changed I was not positive about it at first. Mainly because I bought quite a few lifetime scripts that I didn't use much but decided on because lifetime seemed the best value for the money. However seeing now that with that change a lot of improvement to the overall structure of tribot came i like it. An extra administrator and more developers got added to the client. A lot of improvements to the client got made. And I'm sure many more will follow now.
  7. botuser420

    TRiBot Release 9.308_0

    Thanks man! I don't understand why they don't use (parts of) your code. It has been working very nice.
  8. botuser420

    TRiBot Release 9.308_0

    Oh the irony. Finally a CLI client starter gets released. But it doesn't support linux and breaks the one I've been using for linux So now i'm back to manually starting for the moment. Well, I'm still happy to see some new features are getting implemented.
  9. botuser420

    My Proxy Erra

    This is not necessarily true. Also shared proxies can have passwords. Or maybe it's authenticated via IP. My best guess is to check this.
  10. botuser420

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Yes please
  11. botuser420

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Shit. Now that @Todd is part of the development team we are getting updates and the client starter breaks every time
  12. botuser420

    Any advice on a good mining script?

    I agree. I've used aMiner and it's pretty good.
  13. botuser420

    Full lag with last version of java

    Try using java8. I think 9 is not supported by TRiBot.
  14. botuser420

    Get your intel processor power back

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meltdown_(security_vulnerability) It depends on your CPU how much you are affected by this. In my case I went from running 12 bots at 100% CPU load to arround 90% load. It is however not safe to do this but I rather have more bots running than being safe
  15. botuser420

    Get your intel processor power back

    Microsoft and many other major vendors have released rushed updates to address the highly publicized Intel processor security vulnerability “Meltdown”. This update is expected to slow down your Intel processor by 15-30% and render most AntiVirus unuseable. Windows 10 will give you no choice but to install this update but you can manually uninstall it. Steps to uninstall KB4056892 in Windows 10 Click Start and type “cmd” Right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator Type “wusa /uninstall /kb:4056892” and press enter Answer Yes to uninstall & restart when prompted Run “wusa /uninstall /kb:4056892” from an elevated command prompt – Click to Enlarge This command can be used to uninstall any unwanted Windows 10 updates but it’s likely the update will be reinstalled again in the near future unless you pause automatic updates. If you are not running the latest 1709 build of Windows 10 this update will come with a different KB number. Here are the Intel Meltdown/Spectre patch KB numbers by Window 10 build version. !!! I completely copied this article and take no credit. It just helped me and thought I would share it !!!