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  1. Which script are you using?
  2. Try turning your ingame sounds off. This is known to cause a memory leak.
  3. I heard talk about it being a RAT. But it wasn't from the most reliable sources
  4. I think when a client is minimised graphics get disabled.
  5. color/ahk bots can't do nearly as much as tribot can. So yeah, it's worth it.
  6. It might be good to mention the country of your bank account
  7. Walking is for short distances. Webwalking is for (shitty) further walking. Daxwalker is the best by far. They recently added some more areas to daxwalker. Maybe it is supported now?
  8. You should add a link to the script on the repo in the OP.
  9. I've actually been thinking of making a lava dragons script to get familiar with releasing a script here. No ETA though
  10. Solid script. Scripter responds and fixes things very quickly. Very nice script idea. 10/10 would recommend!
  11. isn't the map the same for every difficulty level?
  12. You get the position for something that's close to where you spawn. Then have offset coordinates from that point to whatever you want.
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