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  1. Yes but the safe zone is really close to waterbirth. ive done this on 3 accounts and make ~290k/hour on each. Just worth the risk honestly, no requirements at all and is in high demand atm.
  2. Snape Grass goes for 300 and you can collect 1k a hour thats 250k-300k/hour.
  3. auto magic have worked perfectly for me
  4. @iant06 This keeps on happening, any help?
  5. Account manager and you just add account details etc
  6. Got 82 rc and doing astrals, and I have some feedback to improve it. When using lunar teleport to bank, it always clicks on magic tab and then teleport. Could you make it use fkey like it does when using glories to teleport? And maybe make it random whether it uses fkey or clicks on magic tab? Also could you look into the clicking it does when going to altar. Because it runs to the altar from off screen, it will click multiple times on the minimap where the altar is when it only needs to click once. That makes it a bit bot-like. A normal human would only click once when it realizes altar is within range and then turn the camera and click craft on altar.
  7. what are your setting on the bot? I only every get about 1600 nats/hr with 79 rc.
  8. How did you fix your client, I think we had the same problem?
  9. I think TRilez needs to update client to java 8.60 since it's the new java and I get the same problem as you :/
  10. help please any mac pro
  11. Any support that can help me on Mac
  12. Where are the admins/mods/supports when you need them at most..
  13. I have the same problem aswell, just it's mac.
  14. I just completely reinstalled my mac and its brand new still not working jesus fucking christ any help?