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  1. ^More reason to get VIP. Resolved those problems for me.
  2. I keep getting an error message: "could not connect to the specified proxy" I've used these proxies for the past 2 weeks. No problems until today. Any hunch on whats wrong?
  3. Probably the longest proggie I'll ever have xD This acc got banned at 24hrs haha.
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering about: Runes? How many? Ideal stats? Other gear? Many Thanks
  5. @NewBotterFTW Thank you for the fast reply and doing that for me! Just got the Unlimited Instances version of this script I'll hopefully produce more proggies to post here.
  6. Hey, @NewBotterFTW could you possibly refund me the 12 credits for 1auth (lifetime)? I'm getting constant bugs on running the 3rd instance. If you do, I will buy the 15credits unlimited instances (lifetime) of this amazing script. Thanks!
  7. hahaha. Don't get our community to start reporting bots in game! xD
  8. Always good to branch out
  9. Time to dig gold here xD
  10. I've experienced it earlier today as well. Did Jagex have an update? I know of another bot site that updated their client today.
  11. Now currently 69 fishing (this acc is 2 days old). All depends to be honest. This is my proggie from yesterday:
  12. Don't mean to advertise but since I purchased VIP, that problem stopped + more bots to run.
  13. I had the same problem. Scripts completely stop after a dc which makes the account info saved, rendered useless. Any solutions for this?
  14. For VIP Extended, there will also be no limit in time & tabs for free scripts. Some of these scripts are amazing. Premium scripts however, do cost money but there are a lot of them that are one time payment. Worth it since the top scripters here update their stuff quite often.