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  1. Left the script running for 5 hours yesterday on an account that was never botted on. Banned today.
  2. The script gets stuck at the start while trying to adjust the camera. The Bot Debuf gives me the following error: "java.lang.NullPointerException"
  3. I'm currently using the script and I'm not having any problems. Make sure that you have the correct course selected. I believe that if you're in the middle of a course and you select another your character will just stand still.
  4. The script is working great and is really amazing!
  5. Is there any chance of adding the ability of using multiple food? As an example, having a list of food that the script would take off the bank, but if all pieces of the first food are used skip to the next one. Other then that there's only one small thing on the script that would be nice to have changed which is at the start of each round after lighting the brazier the script will sometimes missclick on the logs and stand will just stand there for a few seconds without doing anything.
  6. Does using the client on mirror mode make it less likely to get banned while using this script or is it simply not worth it spending the extra 8$ if I'm only looking to train on small ammount of accounts?
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