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  1. i dunno man, those're the guys who'll probably try super hard to get you banned if they realize you're a bot. I saw a post from a guy who followed someone halfway across the map just to take a photo of where the bot got stuck and post it on the jagex twitter with his username.
  2. That's some smexy progress. I got me 99 mining and a rock golem haha. No where near your total level though
  3. Naton's other scripts have made me a good amount of gp. No doubt this will too haha
  4. lmaoooo botting done right
  5. Bought 5 Twitch primes from the pink man, ez pz no problemos
  6. I'm thinking fishing or combat depending on a few other things I need to figure out. What're you working on?
  7. Your name made me think of league so I assumed you play(ed). Greatest discovery for me in league was using mute/all haha. No more arguments defending/attacking people I don't know. I can't imagine how hard cptsd must be to live with. If you're ever interested in learning about new ways to get out of that autopilot, holler . I experiment a ton (with ideas though, not drugs/medication)
  8. That was me while I played league of legends . Not a fun state of mind so I dragged my ass back up to a better state. Still a work in progress. You tryna get out or are you ok being comfortable as is?
  9. around 10 quest points and new accounts. Thanks
  10. I got the coal bag using Aminer. Same idea applies, don't just jump right into it with an account you care about since many people have gotten bans at MLM. Tweak settings until you're satisfied.
  11. blast mine is 1.5x the exp and 2-4x the gp of MLM? Something like that but overall better
  12. not sure if it makes a difference but resizable mode
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