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  1. I bought the script today and I really love it! it's very easy to learn/understand when you got some experience in programming and it took me around the 5 minutes to learn how to use it, but it was more getting used to the GUI. there are a few things that I really miss *antiban to create more and better long running script just ad this to the "auction" list and it will perform the ABCL stuff *random numbers because currently when you want to wait 2 sec you just can do 2 sec but you could use 11(10, 10) so it will wait between the 1 and 21 seconds * why don't change the wait timer from just seconds to miliseconds? and one question how can I check if a door is closed or not ?
  2. how about anti ban built in? because I'm really interesting in this script! well there are 2 with the same name there is one with and 1 without the "." between the 2 names
  3. m4dc0w344

    change forum name

    Hey buddies where or how can I change me name on the forum ?
  4. true but if you want to bot more and use more then the 8g of ram you are going to swap it to the place where you hace installed your OS on if you installed it to an SSD then you don't lose that much speed because an SSD is really and I mean really fast! but yes when you are swaping mroe then 2g then its better to invest in 16g then the ssd I should go for CPU: xeon 1230 v2(around the 200 euro depending where you live) RAM: 8 or 16 (depending how many clients you are going to run start with 8 more then enough) gpu: gt720 from msi around the 50 euro and no fan !! cheap mid case cooler master has create cheap and silent cases (the silencio series) yes you could use amd but the xeon is more powerful then amd so you could save around the 50 euro and get the AMD but if you want to go big you get the 50 euro easily back. and please don't say "why don't get a i7" or "USE i5" a xeon is an i7 but without the built in GPU the xeon 1230 v2 is the i7 4770k, but 100 euro cheaper and long life span
  5. hey buddies jsut a little questions how many time can you change a world within the 5min lock ?
  6. Hey buddies! I found a very old script form me but everytime I want to compile it it would give a error and I have no clue how to fix it
  7. is it maybe an idea to add a button to reopen the GUI when the script is already running? then I could added things what I have done wrong because I can't save things(because I use a Imac)
  8. works greate! I forgot to make a screenshot but I had run this script for like 8,5 hours sometimes it's drags the curser over the item in the shop but can't/doesn't click for some reason. and I still would like to see the option to buy more then 1 item and maybe if it's gets to many user make it a premium scripts
  9. Thanks buddy! if you could add buying multiple items and stop buying if items in store is below X amount then I would love you and will give you a donation !
  10. could the f2p world selection be deleted? if you are standing in a member zone and you want to try login a f2p world you will get an message saying you can't login
  11. When could I buy this ? becuase my trail time is up and I freaking love this
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