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  1. Hello , i have added my 20 human data files in this rar . Waiting for respond Thank you!
  2. Yesterday it only pickt one item and droped it. Next moved to empty cupboards and finally the camera swrill around
  3. Alchemist dosent work no more , Enchamntment chamber should pick dragonstones when they spawn , maze puzzle should use corens.
  4. now the scripts work but camera ankle is jumping :/
  5. I was starting my script today and the GUI loads , but if i fill it and start the script , it just closes.
  6. login should be more human and slower typeing , worldhop needs to be update to todays runescape worldhop option , telekinetic theater should use corners to run to right side , fails alot. add camera up. but its good overall.
  7. Hey , i get banned below 8hr if i use any tribot script + brakes whats wrong? I have alredy got banned 3 times.