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  1. the bot just completely freezes? i even increased the heap size to 1024mb just incase that was the issue? like my whole client freezes only when i run the script? the previous version was so incredibly perfect
  2. @TRiLeZ my tribot always sits on 0% for the download / update?
  3. is there a way i can have a trial of this? i'm definitely considering buying the bot but would like a trial if possible
  4. Hiya guys just got 99fletch with this script, i started using this bot on a fresh level 3 straight off TuT island never been banned running usually 15h+ every time, If you're thinking about buying this bot I highly recommend it. It is the one of the best if not the best script on Tribot. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 100% WORTH THE BUY.
  5. A bug I have found is when people change the rules of the duel the bot will eventually change it back and accept but when it gets into the actual fight it'll start spamming your spam message and trying to click back into your advertise position but it'll still click on spec and what not but it will almost always lose you the duel and it happens quite often.
  6. My bot seems to have trouble finding compost in my bank and will just stand there for ages and then log out then log back in and just stand there repeating untill i take over and put compost into my inventory. It doesnt happen all the time just sometimes maybe once every 2-3 trips. Although i may have some settings wrong. Edit 1: Also the tracker sometime loses patches and says its empty while something is growing and tries to rake it constantly and looks like a huge bot.
  7. Nah i double checked its on DDS it used the first spec but then just idled on the spec bar.
  8. vouch for nytrix! bought 71mill 07 gp off me! great lad
  9. Gets stuck on Tele Room After it teles the statue it didnt recognise that it already had teled it so it sat there spamming telegrab on it.
  10. Heya n3ss having trouble with my graveyard B2P clicks on sara strike and gets stuck till dies :3
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