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  1. [Combat] Combat AIO Lite by Assume

    the bot just completely freezes? i even increased the heap size to 1024mb just incase that was the issue? like my whole client freezes only when i run the script? the previous version was so incredibly perfect
  2. TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    mines like that too
  3. TRiBot Release 9.223_0

    @TRiLeZ my tribot always sits on 0% for the download / update?
  4. is there a way i can have a trial of this? i'm definitely considering buying the bot but would like a trial if possible
  5. What? the script is working fine for me. Maybe you have some settings wrong.
  6. Stats 70ATT/ 81STR/ 46DEF/ 80RANGE/ 96 MAGE Gear Black sally, Zerk helm, RFD gloves, Climbers, Rune Plate/Legs, RoL
  7. All i take with me is runekite/whip for tunnel gear, spade, house tabs and 12ppots/12shark and i get like 4 chests a trip. And for styles the bot usually changes styles for each brother but atm because of the RS update its not switching it tries but missclicks every time.
  8. Just a small bug, the bot works great but its not calculating the profit/ph correctly, its only doing the individual cost per item. Such as i got 150 death runes it says profit 207 for al 150 just messes up money made thats all, not a big problem but i like too see how much im making.