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  1. will you offer a trial?
  2. the bot just completely freezes? i even increased the heap size to 1024mb just incase that was the issue? like my whole client freezes only when i run the script? the previous version was so incredibly perfect
  3. Hi, I click the client and it gives me my login details, then when i press login it says in the green writing the loading now please wait messsage thingy and just does nothing (ive waited for like 20 minutes..)
  4. mines like that too
  5. @TRiLeZ my tribot always sits on 0% for the download / update?
  6. Problem exists in 2007 Client/EoC Client/Folders: 2007 client i guess? PC/Mac: pc What caused this problem: unsure Was it working successfully at an earlier time: yes If yes, what changed: nothing Screenshots of relevance: Detailed Bog Debug tab paste if possible: basically, i click to open tribot and it doesn't know how to open it, gives the option to search the web to find it if i want?
  7. is there a way i can have a trial of this? i'm definitely considering buying the bot but would like a trial if possible
  8. What? the script is working fine for me. Maybe you have some settings wrong.
  9. That means it was a problem with the Tribot client not the script, As all randoms are handled from the client.
  10. Stats 70ATT/ 81STR/ 46DEF/ 80RANGE/ 96 MAGE Gear Black sally, Zerk helm, RFD gloves, Climbers, Rune Plate/Legs, RoL
  11. A bug I have found is when people change the rules of the duel the bot will eventually change it back and accept but when it gets into the actual fight it'll start spamming your spam message and trying to click back into your advertise position but it'll still click on spec and what not but it will almost always lose you the duel and it happens quite often.
  12. All i take with me is runekite/whip for tunnel gear, spade, house tabs and 12ppots/12shark and i get like 4 chests a trip. And for styles the bot usually changes styles for each brother but atm because of the RS update its not switching it tries but missclicks every time.
  13. Just a small bug, the bot works great but its not calculating the profit/ph correctly, its only doing the individual cost per item. Such as i got 150 death runes it says profit 207 for al 150 just messes up money made thats all, not a big problem but i like too see how much im making.
  14. Nah i double checked its on DDS it used the first spec but then just idled on the spec bar.