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  1. dreamlicker


    Just fyi if you're not VIP you can't run a script for more than 2 hours every 3 days or something anyways. Check your processes for any java.exe or javaw.exe and end them. Try again after that.
  2. dreamlicker

    Karamja bots failing

    While you might think this, encountering the problem myself showed otherwise. I believe Jagex has taken measures to combat bots at Karamja in this very way. Regardless, a simple recursive method takes care of it. I've seen complaints on some script writer's threads. PS: What would the appropriate subforum be?
  3. dreamlicker

    Karamja bots failing

    I have noticed an extremely large amount of karamja bots failing to leave the boat. Some end up in the bottom/top, but most just end up on a random tile. If any script creators are experiencing this, PM me for a fix. I encountered this with my currently private in-development script and have devised a solution.