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  1. Talking to you on skype, pm me
  2. Very interested in buying this script after these questions are addressed. I am more curious about the anti-ban and the coordinate question.
  3. Does it matter? (If there is a God or not?) I was roaming on facebook when I saw something about Saddie from Duck Dynasty breaking up with her boyfriend. I decided to read it, and it was about the video she had posted on youtube. Do be clear, I am not calling her out in anyway. I am just using her as an example. I am not a "fan" in particularly, due to the fact that I do not watch much TV. When I do watch TV, it is not reality shows. (I watch shows like Prison Break, or all the good ones that are on Netflix haha) Throughout the video she proceeds to talk about the breakup, discussing how God has greater plans for than to Grieve or feel "bound by bitterness." "It is not what God wants you to do." This God, who is he? Is he there? Did he create the universe and all of existence? I think the real question is. Does it matter? People saying they are "doing it for God." Can you not just do it for your self? Do you need a reason why the world was made? It does not matter in the spiritual sense. My personal opinion about religion and christianity is that it is great, do not get me wrong. I was actually inspired through Christianity to become the person I am today, which I believe is a better me than ever. I have always been big into meditating, the total absence of thought, and growing "spiritually." I would say I conform to Buddhism, because I believe everyone is to grow great in them selves. Be great for your self. Instead of saying "God help me not be bitter." I would meditate and teach my self to not be bitter. Being so connected with your "spiritual mind" that when something tackles you like that, you can teach your way through all by yourself. It doesn't just have to tend to bitterness. I am speaking across the entire "Christianity" belief. Emitting love from every ounce of your being, caring for all. That's what all human should do, we all are "worth" the same.. Absolutely nothing... We all live for the one main purpose, and that is to die. Realizing that everyone is a human being just like everyone else. No one is "worth" more than the another. I know not everyone puts a judgemental "value" on people, but I firmly believe a lot of people do, from my observance on this life journey. I think a lot of people need to realize this though.
  4. How many would you like to buy: 9 Skype: Will pm you after you quote this. Do you agree to the ToS: Yes
  5. I am buying 9 credits for 10m osrs. Please post below or pm me .
  6. Every time I try to start it, it ends instantly.
  7. I was at goblins and cows the past 2 days not botting and when I did bot all the bots were doing same spots of clicking on ground and what cow and stuff. So its probably the bot
  8. I only lag when I use tribot client. When I use osrs download client or website I don't lag at all. Then when I get in combat with a script using tribot it lags like crazy. it is set at 100
  9. I don't lag if I am playing my self. I run bot and it starts fighting monsters and i see 4 hit stacks constantly cause of lag. i have paint delay maxed