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  1. I'm not sure you know what you are asking. Yes, multiple threads are "allowed". The Script class itself implements Runnable. You probably shouldn't be doing anything with threads if you don't know how to create and manage them yourself. http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/essential/concurrency/
  2. I wasn't sure if that was poor practice when handling Graphic objects. I actually wrote it up that way at first but it seemed wrong to me, I don't really have a specific reason why. I'll edit the post containing directions to change this if users desire to do so.
  3. Literally first google search. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1439022/get-mouse-position
  4. Good news! An Updater is in the works. It will automatically update your user's scripts with no hassle involved! Pretty cool code as well. I'll post more updates as they come.
  5. You have to cast the graphics object to a graphics2d object. This can be done by doing public void onPaint(Graphics2D g) { Graphics2D graphics = (Graphics2D) g; paintHandler.drawWhatever(graphics); //Replace with desired paint handler method}
  6. 1 With Java and the way scripts are loaded come inherent flaws in the authentication system. However, if you add each user manually, I'd challenge anyone on this forum to break it. I'd love to try I am actually serious though, if you want me to stress test it, I enjoy doing that, and I obviously won't release anything I find. If you want me to send me an auth to a random script or something and I'll see if I can crack it. I'll PM you later today, we can set something up.
  7. 1 With Java and the way scripts are loaded come inherent flaws in the authentication system. However, if you add each user manually, I'd challenge anyone on this forum to break it.
  8. Not really sure what is unclear about this. You create a PaintHandler object and pass in your graphics object that you receive from your draw method into any of the methods provided.
  9. I'm glad! I'm writing a "pulse" animation into the draw path. Pulses along the line showing which direction the player is moving. It's pretty cool.
  10. Update: You will also have MySQL access to your own table so you can modify your data however you wish. Thank you!
  11. Hello TriBot Developers! I am offering a service to developers who need an auth system or dynamic signature but don't know how or want to set it up themselves! Features: Hosted MySQL database to store all of your informationFTP Login for your own personal directoryUnlimited bandwidth 24/7 Support Personal detailed setup for each clientMultiple signature imagesSolid auth system Script ImplementationInformation: All of the server-side code will be hosted on one of my machines and securely managed by me. To start a new service, you must contact me personally. You should have a signature image ready, or I can help you make one for an additional charge. I will walk you through your end of the deal over skype or any other method of contact your prefer. This involves me providing you with the java code that goes with the server-side stuff and teaching you how to implement it into your script. With the purchase of my service I will provide you with all the materials and knowledge you need to create your own service. All of my clients will have a deep understanding of how my system works so as to prevent dependency. Your end signature URL will end up looking something like this: http://www.badgrades.org/dynamicsignature/yourname/sig.phpAuth system setup will be a bit different and if interested we will discuss that separately. Pricing: Dynamic Signatures are $7 Auth System is $7 As of now* , everything is a one time payment. If bandwidth gets crazy I will move to initial payment with a monthly fee on top tailored to individual's bandwidth useage. I wouldn't worry about it though. Contact: PM on the forumsSkype (Ask for it through one of the other forms of contact)Email : [email protected]
  12. Shoot me a message if you would like an auth system and some decent obb tools.
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