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  1. I'm not sure you know what you are asking. Yes, multiple threads are "allowed". The Script class itself implements Runnable. You probably shouldn't be doing anything with threads if you don't know how to create and manage them yourself. http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/essential/concurrency/
  2. That isn't a solution, it's a hack at best. I was referring to the term "solution" to mean providing a method that allows one to use regular conventions within a project. Storing the main class outside your package hierarchy is far from normal.
  3. You should have absolutely no capital letters in your package names. Also as of right now, neither myself nor anyone else can determine a solution or discernible pattern to the errors.
  4. There are a lot of posts that myself and others have made regarding packaging with Tribot. Look in the scripting help section. Additionally your packaging conventions are absolutely horrible. Research how to do them correctly.
  5. EDIT: I just saw the link by padlockcode. I'm gonna go ahead and leave this up since it seems foggy at best AND I'm selling via playerauctions which was endorsed by Elmo.
  6. We will use player auctions to complete the transfer. http://www.playerauctions.com/offer/g-reat-main-56m-inc-92-pray-dung-almost-all-combat-99s-ancient-curses-great-for-qbd-77426606/ That is my listing. Any other information can be provided upon request by posting here. I do not except GP nor will I NOT use PlayerAuctions. Thank you, -Sea Shepard
  7. Welcome. Please keep any HF and other skiddy shit off the forums please, and I'll be looking forward to seeing code from you in the development sections of the forum.
  8. Responded to both people above. I can still take on requests, no problem workin on multiple things at once.
  9. I wasn't sure if that was poor practice when handling Graphic objects. I actually wrote it up that way at first but it seemed wrong to me, I don't really have a specific reason why. I'll edit the post containing directions to change this if users desire to do so.
  10. Use a real IDE and it will figure it out for you
  11. Literally first google search. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1439022/get-mouse-position
  12. What disability do you have?
  13. Come now, this man has some novel ideas! Let's fasttrack him to administrator, it is the surest way to squash these ridiculous claims.
  14. Updated with credentials section.
  15. Bump. Still looking for a client.