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  1. I am facing the same problem, it continues to click on emty inventory, and doesn't stop even if all enventory is empty
  2. same problem, i put i the password in the loader, and the bot screen starts, i press on the new client, then after sometime, everything closes automatically. I tried re-downloading and installing java, redownloaded the tribot loader, everything.
  3. same in my case as well
  4. Same thing happening to me. My account is a free and i have a huge prismatic lamp that i cannot use it now. I intend to subscribe for membership after gaining a few levels in the free skills and intend to keep this huge lamp which is rare. Maybe this is the problem. It thinks the inventory is not empty and keeps trying. Another problem, even when the character is cutting the tree, it keeps clicking again and again on the tree unnecessarily.
  5. What is your problem?: I downloaded the Tribot_loader.jar file, and extracted it with winzip to get 4 folders. What do I do now? I dont find any executable file? PC/Mac: PC Was it working successfully at an earlier time: NO Screenshots of relevance: NONE Detailed Bog Debug tab paste if possible: NONE