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  1. Looks solid, good luck with this man!
  2. My accounts have been getting banned too from training melee, I don't bot overnight anymore and so far it's been working well for me. I also keep a closer eye on it.
  3. You can't, you can only switch between RS keys and 07 keys Thank you i'll look into this
  4. No refund for ban? What if the account is banned for macro after the service?
  5. I'm looking for a program such as Sharpkeys that allows me to customize my own F keys IG. However I'm using a Macbook Pro so Sharpkeys wont run. I'm looking for ESC as inventory F1 as Weapon Style F2 as Spell Book F3 as Prayer
  6. How much would 40-70 strength cost me.
  7. Yes my staker account, I really did care much about him but when his stats were around 60 attack 70 str, he got a 2 day ban. I continued botting on him up until 92 str 60 attack and got him 65 defence which was all botted.
  8. GG account, pretty dumb of him for doing that
  9. Add my skype - pop.star.rs
  10. Done Edit: Too expensive for a 40% chance of an unbanned account. Goodluck with your service.
  11. I prefer hand, I don't want a ban.
  12. Looking for cheap services, there's a lot that needs to be done but I will post and edit as I go below what I need. Anyone looking to earn some feedback while earning a some quick pocket cash add my skype: pop.star.rs Here's what I currently need: 1-25 agility 30-55 magic Tree Gnome Village Grand Tree 20-40 range dwarf cannon quest vampire slayer Death Platuea 30-50 strength Mith Glove Set fight arena 31-35 agility then: horror of the deep
  13. Your not the miracle guy if you're asking for a $1000. Pretty much what I thought :/ Ahah funny part was that I was botting safely. Premium rock crab script, ran for only 4h that day with multiple check ups. Oh well I guess it happens eh.
  14. Yeah I know them, they call themselves Hazard. Their main guy who pretty much started it got banned for abusing glitches. They made over 1b altogether. Yeah the key is to click on the end of the staff of air, the part that's sticking out, which allows you to pick up your other items as well.
  15. Takes a bit of time sometimes