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  1. @Worthy I'm looking for a flawless lava runecrafting script. I regret wasting my money on ExRuneCrafter Lifetime because the lava crafting on it is garbage and he won't update it.
  2. @erickho123 Lava runecrafting is still broken. It still runs all the way around the altar too often and it refuses to stop double clicking the altar and making fire runes instead of lava runes. Would you please, please at least fix it to where if you have it set to make lava runes make it impossible for it to click the altar more than once at a time? There's no reason at all I should be dropping below 30k XP/HR at lavas with this bot. 30k an hour isn't even 50% efficiency.
  3. @Encoded GUI not loading again. It's only this script this time. All my others work.
  4. @Encoded Ah, thanks for the information.
  5. Script was running flawlessly for weeks, and now it won't start up. I click start script and the GUI never pops up for the options. Using LG.
  6. I've tried it all the way at 0 and all the way to 15, but it's still about 3 times as slow at mousekey dropping as the woodcutting bot I use. It really doesn't seem to be mousekey dropping, just slowly dropping them in the formation that mousekeys uses. There's a strange unnecessary pause in between each drop that doesn't go away even with minimum sleep time. Is there something wrong with my settings, or is this the way it's designed?
  7. @Encoded Is there any way to speed up mousekey dropping, or add that in as a feature? The current mousekey dropping is much, much slower than actual mousekey dropping and also slower than other scripts that use it, and it's deeply cutting into my XP/HR.
  8. Thanks @TRiLeZ!
  9. @erickho123 I've been holding off on using this and have been botting other skills. I just wanted to know if lava altar spam-clicking has been fixed yet.
  10. I loaded up Tribot and all my scripts are gone, I've tried erasing the .tribot folder but it did nothing.
  11. @Whaka You chose to post in this thread. If you don't like it just move along. That kind of attitude is what causes new people to post threads about every little issue, just out of spite.
  12. I'm not mad or angry or even blaming anybody. This is just a friendly post seeking information. I noticed the website goes to sometimes, but the last 12 or so hours was the first complete blackout of the service I've seen since I started using Tribot. I guess a little (as much as possible) transparency is all I am after. To be honest, I feared the worst. Like a repeat of the Snellman brothers and RSBots Nexus being taken down bad.
  13. @Red Ginger I'm actually getting better XP than the few hours leading up to the downtime, and I'm still 10 minutes from leveling, so I know it's not because I was a higher level.
  14. @TRiLeZ Thanks for the information TRiLeZ, I appreciate it!
  15. Permanent good riddance to all those who condone DDoSing.
  16. I do have my axe in inventory slot 1. This is something I have only experienced at teaks, because I haven't chopped anywhere else since I got mousekeys working. Mousekeys are working now, and this glitch or whatever it is barely affects my XP/HR at all so I'm not concerned about it. I'd probably get into contact with brusso1 about since he seems to care more than I do. I'm just glad everything is working now.
  17. @Druid It still refuses to drop using mousekeys, even after deleting the .tribot folder and redownloading the .jar file. Is anyone else having this problem?
  18. @Aropupu I'm trying not to just come in here and outright beg, but is there any possibility of adding humidify support for mining granite in the quarry? It would greatly improve XP/HR. If it's too much work I understand, but even if you only added it to the more premium runite script as an added feature there, I would be willing to upgrade to that script for this feature.
  19. @erickho123 Would you please, please take a look at lava runecrafting and fix up the script a bit? Here are a list of problems that are bad enough that I simply can't chalk them up the ABCL 10 features. The combination of these problems absolutely devastates my XP/HR, especially when running proggies over a couple hours. It's pretty inexcusable to drop below 35k XP/HR when crafting lava runes. I'm aiming to reach 91 Runecrafting as quickly as possible. Why bother spending 10s of millions crafting lavas if I am only getting Astal runecrafting experience rates? I'm only getting 28k XP/HR with the large and medium pouch, and it should be much higher. From the progress reports I've seen through the thread, it only gets 35k XP/HR when it could easily reach 40k XP/HR. Non-botting, the lava XP rates are closer to 50k XP/HR for a normal player and 67k XP/HR for the EHP (efficient hours played) rate. Frequently, the bot double-clicks the fire altar after selecting earth runes and makes fire runes instead of lava runes. This is the biggest problem, and ignoring everything else I have said in this thread, this needs to be fixed. The bot frequently runs ALL the way around the fire altar before entering it, expending useless amounts of run energy and costing me much more on energy potions even though I am high agility. Sometimes I come back to check on my bot and find that it savaged my inventory setup, which also effects my XP/HR and ruins the point of using mousekeys on the pouches. Would you mind adding a failsafe so the bot maintains the same inventory setup when you started the script? The bot sometimes checks the skills screen in the middle of crafting lavas runes??? Who does this??? This absolutely devastates XP/HR and is one of the most bot-like things I've ever seen a Tribot script do. After casting magic imbue and crafting the runes in the inventory, it then checks the skills screen before emptying the rune pouches. This really needs to go. No legitimate player would ever do this. I can understand checking XP sometimes on more AFKable skills, but there is no time when Runecrafting to do that. Sometimes (it seems random), the bot will stand there for an eternity after crafting runes before deciding to teleport back to Caste Wars. Not sure what this is? Maybe shed some light on it. Another major XP/HR crippling problem, sometimes when at the altar and when finished crafting lava runes the bot misclicks the dueling ring teleport and after it switches back to the inventory is sits there for over 10 seconds before trying again. Would it be possible to lower the amount of time it takes to try teleporting again? All in all, I think fixing any number of these problems would dramatically increase experience rates making lava runes with this bot, and I would be eternally grateful if you took a look at even just a couple of them. The altar double-clicking is the main problem though. The bot is pretty good, but for lava runecrafting especially, where you aren't making any money runecrafting, there are some pretty glaring issues. Thank you for taking a look at this comment.
  20. @Druid That would be great. The problem I am having is that I am not using a preset. I was aware that you said it only works on custom. I have a custom radius set up to cut teaks on Ape Atoll. Everything is working flawlessly except the dropping.