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  1. @Worthy I'm looking for a flawless lava runecrafting script. I regret wasting my money on ExRuneCrafter Lifetime because the lava crafting on it is garbage and he won't update it.
  2. @erickho123 Lava runecrafting is still broken. It still runs all the way around the altar too often and it refuses to stop double clicking the altar and making fire runes instead of lava runes. Would you please, please at least fix it to where if you have it set to make lava runes make it impossible for it to click the altar more than once at a time? There's no reason at all I should be dropping below 30k XP/HR at lavas with this bot. 30k an hour isn't even 50% efficiency.
  3. @Encoded GUI not loading again. It's only this script this time. All my others work.
  4. @Encoded Ah, thanks for the information.
  5. Script was running flawlessly for weeks, and now it won't start up. I click start script and the GUI never pops up for the options. Using LG.
  6. I've tried it all the way at 0 and all the way to 15, but it's still about 3 times as slow at mousekey dropping as the woodcutting bot I use. It really doesn't seem to be mousekey dropping, just slowly dropping them in the formation that mousekeys uses. There's a strange unnecessary pause in between each drop that doesn't go away even with minimum sleep time. Is there something wrong with my settings, or is this the way it's designed?
  7. @Encoded Is there any way to speed up mousekey dropping, or add that in as a feature? The current mousekey dropping is much, much slower than actual mousekey dropping and also slower than other scripts that use it, and it's deeply cutting into my XP/HR.
  8. Thanks @TRiLeZ!
  9. @erickho123 I've been holding off on using this and have been botting other skills. I just wanted to know if lava altar spam-clicking has been fixed yet.
  10. @Whaka You chose to post in this thread. If you don't like it just move along. That kind of attitude is what causes new people to post threads about every little issue, just out of spite.
  11. I loaded up Tribot and all my scripts are gone, I've tried erasing the .tribot folder but it did nothing.
  12. @Red Ginger I'm actually getting better XP than the few hours leading up to the downtime, and I'm still 10 minutes from leveling, so I know it's not because I was a higher level.
  13. @TRiLeZ Thanks for the information TRiLeZ, I appreciate it!
  14. I'm not mad or angry or even blaming anybody. This is just a friendly post seeking information. I noticed the website goes to sometimes, but the last 12 or so hours was the first complete blackout of the service I've seen since I started using Tribot. I guess a little (as much as possible) transparency is all I am after. To be honest, I feared the worst. Like a repeat of the Snellman brothers and RSBots Nexus being taken down bad.