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  1. Hello I need help please... Iv'e been using tribot for a long time and no for some reason when I download the client from the website i get a zipped file instead of the .jar file... and when i unzip it i just got a bunch of folders with classes and a bunch of shit with no loader. what do i do? I'm on a mac
  2. can i get a reset on my purchase? Ive wasted like 4 days now not being able to bot because it gets stuck in beta world @Usa
  3. bot is getting stuck near outside corp cave when being attacked by the Ents. It keeps trying to hop while being attacked by an Ent and just dies. @Usa
  4. My tribot crashed and now when i reopen it says "since you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run ONE script at a time. Please close your other instances of Tribot to use this one." I cannot do this without having access to the bot panel, and i'm not gonna pay for VIP when I use premium scripts only. I am wasting time, and time is money... someone please help. It is really dumb that you have to be VIP to close instances that are corrupt...
  5. This script is not very safe, I literally got banned within the day, on an account that has never been banned in 4 months of botting
  6. just bought this script, but I'm unsure of which method is faster toobtain clue scrolls, pickpocketing the ham members or killing them?
  7. before i purchase this script, I would like to know how much money per hour i can expect to make.
  8. still getting the same issue.... and i basically have wasted 2 weeks of membership... not happy at all
  9. I'm at edge and i the screen still spins at the bank and near the ladder... please fix asap cuz time is money
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