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  1. Script is not what it used to be, in the past (1 year ago) got 2 acc to 99 at minnows just fine 12 hours a day Now 1750 total account never botted (was friends ex ironman he never used it) 4 hours at fishing trawler yesterday with a 1 hour break And i was randomly typing on the acc, dunno if that does anything sometimes i think it will lower banrate And account permabanned, Not even a 2 day ban WTf jagex XD
  2. Jordam

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Do your scripts have highscores? like for tribot who has ran the most time etc?
  3. Jordam

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Done all in 1 sitting didnt missclick much Xmouse_data-221369-1502050166648.dat
  4. Having a problem where the sack is empty but the script keeps clicking the sack and doesn't make any progress till get auto logged since i gained no xp. Anyone else having this problem ?
  5. Jordam

    aThiever v2 [Pickpocketing]

    when botting silk at ardy bankes them withdraws food, then dosent close down bank or move
  6. Done more testing with 4 smithing scripts and read some comments of there topics, must be LG everyone is complaining about it, do you know how to let someone at tribot know so they can try fix the LG bug? @Aropupu
  7. Ok no problem must be Lg bug script works perfect with other ore 10/10
  8. Tested after an hour every time, https://gyazo.com/12f5d654af08761ff94a369b85e7668b
  9. Will do, got 15k gold ore on my ironman to smith so il let you know tomorrow how well it got on once im back from work, Thanks Btw your premium miniing script is awesome 91 mining so far
  10. Yes i was using looking glass, and it wouldnt just take ages it would say its ran out and log out, iv tried the two paid scripts (1hour trial) and they both do the same, seems to only happen with gold ore. had the gold ore in a tab then moved it right to the top of my bank still didnt detect sometimes after 20 mins others 3+hours seems random.
  11. Sometimes when im smithing gold ore into bars it ends saying no ore left, when i still have ore in bank?
  12. Why do i die so much? https://gyazo.com/c6f871e1de01ec8b31a0ca0feaa67586 i use 200 mouse speed and the abcl slider to about 80% fast full void and 99 hp 60 pray and 95 magic and 87 range? 2 prayer pot magic range recoil ring anti venom thing and full sharks?
  13. Iv been botting about 3 and a half hours, 10 deaths and 1.82 m average profit AMAZING But i noticed most deaths, the script runs to the wrong places as in it gets confused about which rotation zulrah is on if you get me. on a particular death it was about 100 hp and i had alot of food left but then it got confused and just started going to the wrong spots for a good 40 secs before i eventually died.