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  1. Will do, got 15k gold ore on my ironman to smith so il let you know tomorrow how well it got on once im back from work, Thanks Btw your premium miniing script is awesome 91 mining so far
  2. Yes i was using looking glass, and it wouldnt just take ages it would say its ran out and log out, iv tried the two paid scripts (1hour trial) and they both do the same, seems to only happen with gold ore. had the gold ore in a tab then moved it right to the top of my bank still didnt detect sometimes after 20 mins others 3+hours seems random.
  3. Sometimes when im smithing gold ore into bars it ends saying no ore left, when i still have ore in bank?
  4. Got a 2 day ban at 91 FM 35 quest points on a gmaul pure, only used this script, Bot Busting minor ban. Also known bug using LG it dosent chop the logs at the south west fire it clickes slightly west of the log and misses it and just keeps clicking there untill wintertotd is dead.
  5. Yep stocked on full cakes, seems to pick up jugs and vials from wintertodt which confuses the bot i think as it dosent bank them
  6. Bug report: Script ends saying could not find anymore food in bank. works flawlessly for 1-4 hours then i always get this error, using cakes still have well over 100 in bank? Will try using Lobsters and let you know if im still getting the same error.
  7. I think adding the ability to withdraw and drink Energy potions would be quite nice
  8. Why do i die so much? https://gyazo.com/c6f871e1de01ec8b31a0ca0feaa67586 i use 200 mouse speed and the abcl slider to about 80% fast full void and 99 hp 60 pray and 95 magic and 87 range? 2 prayer pot magic range recoil ring anti venom thing and full sharks?
  9. Iv been botting about 3 and a half hours, 10 deaths and 1.82 m average profit AMAZING But i noticed most deaths, the script runs to the wrong places as in it gets confused about which rotation zulrah is on if you get me. on a particular death it was about 100 hp and i had alot of food left but then it got confused and just started going to the wrong spots for a good 40 secs before i eventually died.
  10. Please implement fairy rings <3
  11. Your cooking script was amazing and so is this on <3 BUT for some reason i keep logging our (no break handler)
  12. I have feathers and mithril dart tips in my inventory and i click to make mith dart tips and it does nothing?
  13. I just hit 99 hunter using this script literally botted from lvl 9 to 99, botting about 5 hours on days and 12hours on weekends, nobreaks Also want to give a massive thank you to the script writer very solid, also i run it on LG