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  1. Auto Wintertodt Pro

    ah ok, my bad didn't know that, thanks for the reply
  2. Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Hey, Great script, I was wondering though if you could change its behaviour slightly. At the moment to cut the bruma logs rather than clicking on the roots so that rs paths itself, it always clicks on the same spot, same as at the brazier. I was wondering if you could change it slightly so that its not always standing in the same spot. Thanks
  3. TRiBot Release 9.305_5 - Flicker Patch

    I still have the flicker but im not sure the auto updater worked, so im going to manually download and see
  4. Hi, The script doesn't pick up birds nests. It did when i originally purchased the script. If this could be fixed i would be grateful. Thanks
  5. AlphaCrafter Pro

    I think Alpha needs to look at this script it doesn't seem to work past 20 mins or 30 mins, logs out even with enough supplies. I am making molten glass
  6. [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    will this bot support teleports without tabs?
  7. Hi, i watched the script for a while today and twice it didn't pick up nests, both times they were clue nest (medium) i was wondering if you could make sure that the bot will pick up clue nests and not just the ring and seed nests. Thanks
  8. Hi, I was just wondering what rogue mule detected means in the debug. are these usernames if so maybe they shouldn't be displayed to other users.
  9. nice one thanks that's a good idea, i was just on an ankous task and the bot picked up noted mith ore and its not in my selected loot i wonder why it decided to pick it up
  10. does anyone happen to have like a master loot list or something, so that i dont have to type out all the drops from the rare drop table for each loot profile? as there is no feature to pick up items over a certain amount. Thanks
  11. Hey I know this may have been asked before. Is there anyway to add in ironman support so that the bot only attempts to pick up its own loot? Or whether this is already implemented and i have missed the option. Cheers
  12. eating level

    Ah ok i thought i saw somewhere that it was client side but thanks
  13. eating level

    Hi Is there anyway to change at what percentage of health the bot eats, as it currently keeps your health very low. it would be nice if we could change it to eat at 70% to keep health nice and high and not low. thanks