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  1. hazza

    bot broken

    Tribot doesnt seem to work, it gets stuck at log in screen it doesnt even run a bot on my laptop nor desktop been this way for over a week
  2. sometimes the script bugs at talking to the guy that customises the dream. it just continually tries to initiate the dream without continuing through the menu, its like stuck in between 2 actions and keeps repeated them. Otherwise still bloody amazing noticing the improvements made! freest xp i ever got :DD
  3. HEY me again! im using absorption pots now! not sure why but its not guzzling the rock cake! . I will keep testing the bot so i can figure out exactly whats going on, i just noticed that its using absorption pots with my hp being full ! and it doesnt use the rock cake when i'm above 1 hp IDEA. I wonder if putting protect melle on in between re overloading might be a good idea with abosrbs? might be pointless tho ha
  4. No problem dude! with the withdrawal all thing, i need to have a spare inventory spot because it cant equip the maul to spec because there is inventory full of prayer pots. + when it withdraws it doesnt always withdraw the correct number of overloads before it withdraws all prayer pots. So it constantly tries to complete banking task without have correct number of potions.
  5. Hello! Thankyou for creating such a useful FREE script! From my testing of this bot, i have found it to be quite good and have had quite reasonable proggies of 6+ hrs. Some bugz i have encountered are as follows. 1) Occasionally the bot will end due to missing a maul in inventory slot, i found that my rs toon had the maul equipt and at this stage i had none in the bank. I have changed my setup to allow for an extra inventory spot and a spare maul in the bank so if it finishes and instance it will not end due to the spare that can be withdrawn. 2) some reason it will withdraw 'all' rather than required amount of prayer of pots that don't correlate to the proposed item list. 3) when i have run out of overloads and prayer pots, it will still continually try and put on the defensive pray, this would be fine but when my toon is killed as would normally happen, i respawn outside nightmare zone with my protect pray on. This is a minor bug, but it means that when the bot re-supplies, and re enters instance some prayer potion is wasted. As i said before this is awesome bot im really pleased with how it works ! iv gained from 81-86 str in last 24hrs or so, really grateful for your work. I also think that it would be cool to add the use of other power ups if promoted by the user, for example 'zapper' or 'recurrent damage' for added NMZ points
  6. hazza

    daxCombat v2

    been killing hill giants on my pure for ages got somthing like 65-75 str in couple days pre easily
  7. hazza

    daxCombat v2

    spam clicks combat potion at once, not sure how to set it so it drinks when stat boost is depleated
  8. cant superheat item or alch.... any1 got any answers ? cannot select item i wish to alch, and wont super heat!
  9. im trying to super heat item and it kinda just stops after a 20 mins or so, says reason is 'N/a' have to keep initiating the bot. im using looking glass is that makes a diff
  10. it seems to stuff up at or around after randoms checked back it was logged off no where nea the desired destination
  11. has issues when it gets to the tunnel noticed that it stopped on the first lap was unable to click on tunnel was clicking on the netting at gnome agility course. Free is always good though thanks
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