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  1. Am i the only one having trouble with the bots after system update? (not Reziable mode) Just as i click "start" it just stands still, or ends the script.
  2. Hey. I bought the script yesterday, and haven't had any problem untill now. When i start the script, and choose my settings and click start it's just potting, and then stopping the script. Help please.
  3. I know it's a known problem. I'm using Windows, and it dosen't has anything called appdata
  4. When you type in your account name and password, and click login, it succesfully downloads it. And then nothing happens, and you just get the message: (Cf. the attached picture) And yes. I have the newest Java update, and i've tried to reinstall the tribot-loader
  5. Hahahha. Well, the setup of the bot i very simple. Just as it teles into the abyss it just stands still and dies, or teles out... Then it eat up, teles back into the abyss and do the same, over and over again. I've now tried on three different computers, and it repeats the same mistake... So relax, champ. (Silver8787)
  6. I've bought this ExRunecrafter Monthly script. It simply keeps dying over and over again and have only managed to make 200 nature runes in 6 hours, even though i have all the recommended gear and so on and so forth. I seriously CBA to deal with it, and yes, i've contacted the hoster of the script who just says, that it works perfectly fine - but it does NOT... Can i get my money back?
  7. I'm useing ur script... Just as it teleports into the abyss area, i simply stops, and doing nothing. Just stands still, and teles when it gets low hp enough... Whats going on?
  8. I'm useing the script ExRunecrafter Monthly, and just as it teles into the abyss area, it simply stops, and doing nothing.. Not even teles out... It also keeps saying "Sleep for xxx"... WTF is going on!
  9. I have to write the ID of the food i intend to use... Where do i find it? Im useing the bot: ExRuneCrafter Monthly... Please help.
  10. Multiple tabs? I meant clients* I have two clients open, in one "window". And what do u mean with how the debug looks for each tab?
  11. I have created two kind of breaks, started both of my accounts, and connected them to one of the breaks that i've created. My question is: Why is it only one of the account that are doing the break, and the other just keeps on working without break, even though i connected it to a break. ? Thanks.
  12. all right. Thx for the help
  13. Don't you automatically get an IP and port, when you buy VIP?