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  1. if you're referring to the folder in roaming it wont let me saying its still in use. Edit: Do you want me to delete the whole folder or something specific?
  2. it keeps telling me you "you put no to the limit changes, please contact me on skype or PM" I have pmed him but anyone else know how to fix this?
  3. Hey I had bought a lifetime access to master fletcher it's not showing up now. It says I need to buy script again help?
  4. while selling the script can only sell one type of game? EDit: Selling doesnt work if you use the runescape autochat.
  5. @lmfaoown I have been using this script a long time and very satisfied, is it possible you add an option where we could drink ranging/maging pots instead of overloads? Shouldnt be too much to change is assume
  6. Whoa this script for 1 buck is it possible i spend $10 and get this script for a 140 days?
  7. Is there a way you can get your bot to log after x hours? Id love to bot overnight but am shit scared that i will forget bout them and they all will get banned. Ifnthere is a feature that allows me to do that plz lemme know
  8. Honestly i would like a message from one of the admins saying "we are currently trying to fix this" or something like that. Another question i had was is it only trilez that could fix this? No1 else can?
  9. That's a fake video mate
  10. This Works but the only thing is the double click happens way too quick, like after clicking once it doesnt wait even for a second making it pretty ovious its a bot.
  11. Thanks update me when done, just a suggestion if you are doing it random camera movements are gonna be helpful.
  12. Request: - Need a random Auto Clicker Description: - I Just need the bot to double a certain place in random time intervals the maximum being 55 seconds. The purpose is to flick heal in nmz Payment Amount: - $6 Payment Type: - 3M osrs gp/ 6 credits Time: - 4 days Additional: - The budget is less because i think the script is very easy. If something like this alrdy exists let me know. I can increase my budget by a bit if needed but i think $6 should be sufficient for this project Regards Drago.
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