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  1. Same with anti posion, I would recommend using antidote ++ which makes you immune for 15 minutes. same with extended anti fires Did you really bot the whole wekeend? You didn't even use any break settings lol. Good luck not getting banned
  2. If you mean broken as in it doesnt show, you need to enable it in the settings
  3. I believe it has something to do with the website rsbuddy is down. He uses the website to calc the profit, although even if you choose not to loot it is still broken. But from what I can tell it happens everytime rsbuddy is down.
  4. [FREE] Trick's Gilded Altar v0.9 [Phials Method!]

    It could really use some speedup upon leveling up. After around 2 seconds after it level up it will hover over the noted bones then it will take another 5+ seconds to use a new bone on alter (This is pretty aids when you are low level)
  5. Repo --> userpanel --> purchase history
  6. You can buy multiple
  7. Yes. Did you try those settings? I mean if you have 22 pray as I do you select rapid Flick, if not you those guzzle that is right under it
  8. That is because a week or 2 ago Jagex made a new interface so you can "Make-All" and @Starfox haven't updated his script yet
  9. Did you ever add the option to use esc to close the bank? I told you about it a few months ago Also how is progressive mode working, I can't remember if it will do untill it is out of normal logs then progress to a oak logs or if it will do fx normal shortbows until it got the level to do oak shortbow even though there is still more normal logs in the bank (I prefer the last one)
  10. I can recommend getting 9 hunter via this script https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1358-varrock-museum-miniquest/ Then follow this guide I guess