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  1. Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    I would love to have an option to use space bar instead of clicking on the interface!
  2. I mean, instead of buying small amount all the time like this: It should just buy all the logs for the next upgrade in 1 go. For example from 45-55 it needs 3060 maple logs. Instead of buying it like that ^ it should just buy them all at once
  3. fraudulent purchase fix

    Had the same issue for more than a year, but it seems like I'm somehow removed from the blacklist again. Maybe it was because of new year but idk.
  4. Oh I see, if so don't you think it would be better to calculate how many of each logs it needs to achieve 55 fletch? So if the account is lvl 1 fletch it will calculate and buy the amount of logs it needs to achieve lvl 15 for the upgrade to oak logs. When lvl 15 it will do the same but this time to 30 for willow Then 30-45 for maple and finally 45-55 so it can start making maple longs I'm not gonna use progression mode anymore but just a thought
  5. Would it be possible to have a custom task system? I know it has the automatic level progression, but would be awesome to make my own task system. It could use dax walker for traveling Also could you add a list of which NPCs/Stalls the progression leveling does?
  6. So I ran this script over night, with progressive mode starting lvl 1. I was using resupply, and set it to 5000. Could you please make it buy somewhere around that amount? Most of the time it was buying 100-500 and 2 times it was buying 2.1k and 1.4k which is still far away from 5k Other than that great script - Not sure if that was fixed in todays update, if not what changed then? Also did you remove the dynamic sig? I miss it
  7. AlphaCrafter Pro

    @AlphaDog Do you plan on fixing glassblowing?
  8. Barrows - Maybe elite void will beat it but I doubt it
  9. Yeah that is why too many switches when using LG, also you might wanna speedup that mouse speed especially when using LG, try 150 or something untill you don't die as often AS tdob said, also reduce the switches. Go for ahrims hood full ahrims/karils and stuff that gives good magic bonus like ahrims hood, tormented bracelet, infinity/eternal boots etc. Only switch ~4 items, if you keep dieing either go for less equipment or speed up mouse. If you can make it switch only weapon, body, legs then maybe if not many deaths go for occult/fury switch. I would probably not use ava's when using LG so go with magic cape instead.
  10. Using LG or? Also what is your mouse speed?
  11. Undercover scripter. Money from the work at jagex and money from making undetectable scripts - what could go wrong? Its a win win!
  12. You just changed it to two then, I checked 5 minutes ago And yeah I thought so, because it doesn't have a trial option yet (Atleast I believe you have plans to add it)
  13. No problem I probably won't be using the script myself as of now, maybe if there will be other payment options ($6/month for 1 instance is abit too spicy for me)
  14. I can't really tell what got you banned. If you are new to botting, I can't stop thinking about what you really could do correct tbh. I'm sorry for you loss, I think we should stay on topic but feel free to PM if you need any advice