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  1. jens4626

    Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    Would love to have an option to use space for the "make" interface
  2. There was a runescape update today. Always restart you client twice after the update otherwise scripts will be buggy.
  3. jens4626

    Bot can't pass Welcome screen after patch

    I think @FALSkills already made a report about this here https://github.com/tribotissues/tribotissues/issues/81 Correct?
  4. jens4626

    [Must Read] TriBot Help AIO

    Are you saying the client is detectable? - Nice work though!
  5. It will disconnect for sure also mid battle, I would not recommend botting for 6 hours straight though
  6. Seems like a waste of time to make it do that. You are making over 1m/hr and can't afford to put enough teleport scrolls on your account that are less than 10k ea? Come on mate..
  7. You have to add the potions you want the bot to drink by ID. When Inventory selected you will be able to see the IDs for the items in your inventory.
  8. jens4626


    Sorry I meant updated. I'm just surprised that he updates a free script when he have premium scripts that haven't been updated for 2 years. He could probably make decent scripts indeed, but his main focus should be to maintain and improve the client.
  9. jens4626


    I agree it is good to have you back, but I'm a bit shocked that you updated the chicken killer script. There are already plenty of chicken and AIO scripts on the repo that does the same, and they are free aswell. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1590-lan-chicken-killer/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/64-combataio-lite/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2615-elite-combat-free/