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  1. [Free] nCastle Wars

    Just started using the script, would it be possible to make it overwrite the break handler until the game is finish?
  2. [Beta] Mute's Slayer

    @Mute Any updates?
  3. @xCode I have some really easy requests, that would make this script much more efficient - I'm pretty sure I mentioned these a few months ago. 1. Make the bot use keyboard instead of mouse when unnoting bones at Phial. By clicking 3 at this interface it will do the trick. 2 2. Making it right click the portal then select "Friend's House" Before it was clicking on the portal then this interface: Which is slower. 3. For some reason when it is unnoting bones at Phial, it chose to use the minimap to get back to the portal which is stupid since the portal is on screen: I really hope you could add these improvements as fast as possible, as I just bought the script 30 minutes proggy, should be able to hit 245k xp/hr with those improvements
  4. |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    I'm about to hit that in a few hours aswell! yey
  5. Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Its never a good idea to bot again after a ban. If you care about the account you should stop.
  6. I am getting 12-13 kills/hour with magic and range between 85-90
  7. Auto Crafter

    Do you plan on making it premium / with alot more features? The other premium crafting scripts haven't been touched in 1 year..
  8. Could you make a slave option? / aka bone runner Select slave option --> choose a master --> unnote bones at phial --> go to the hosted altar and trade the master the bones that you unnoted. The slave will have to idle since the master will have to be out of bones before it will trade the slave This way the script can be used for legit players that are too lazy and just wanna afk and also increases the xp rates since all the master do is use bones on altar while slave is doing anything else. This would of course require 2 auths, but I think it would be great if you could change the instaces pr auth to 2. The slave would need to have bones and coins in inventory If this becomes a feature within a few days, I'll buy it! Going for that 99 =)
  9. Need lots of quests done!

    Misthalin Mystery Another Slice of H.A.M. Between a Rock... Bone Voyage Client of Kourend Clock Tower Cold War Darkness of Hallowvale Death to the Dorgeshuun Devious Minds Dream Mentor Enakhra's Lament Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf Giant Dwarf, The Grim Tales Hand in the Sand, The Hazeel Cult Lost Tribe, The Monkey Madness II Mourning's Ends Part I Mourning's Ends Part II (The Temple Of Light) My Arm's Big Adventure Olaf's Quest Rag and Bone Man Rag and Bone Man 2 Royal Trouble Scorpion Catcher Sea Slug Slug Menace Spirits of the Elid Tail of Two Cats, A Tears of Guthix Throne of Miscellania Tribal Totem Troll Romance Wanted! Account is high level (99 melee, 90+ range and magic), so MM2 shouldn't be that big of a problem! Trusted only!
  10. Is the script able to switch between flick and deflect? This video might be usefull for explanation
  11. TRiBot Release 9.305_5 - Flicker Patch

    Never. The bot is for Oldschool Runescape, not RS3.
  12. TRiBot Release 9.305_5 - Flicker Patch

    Stop spamming, you already posted like 2 times. The client DOESN'T support rs3 and haven't been for a long long time.
  13. Its trial and error, I got a 2-day after around 150 kc and the account is still alive with over 1.1k kc
  14. Thats the same for me, have you tried using 2 ppots? that might be the one of the issues, but 300 ping is still making it use more supplies than usually and also more deaths