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  1. I suggest people find empty world instead of bunching up and also make sure you are babysitting your script and having regular checks on it.
  2. I had tendonitis while back on my left tricep.Make sure your doing the correct form.
  3. well it's not hurting only when i lift for a second after i can feel the pressure on my wrist bone area.
  4. When i lift my curl bar after i finish reps i can feel the tension in my forearm bone.I drink a lot of milk would this damage my bones or something it has to get use to?
  5. Fruits,Dairy,meats,try to eat everything and anything.
  6. i use like 666 lool
  7. ugh i tried to get a 400+ per hr but couldn't
  8. it's version 2_01 i think
  9. okay now it updated before wasn't updating..working thanks
  10. 70 i get down to about 90 degree angle on my arm then go back up.
  11. do you know where i can find basics instructions,tutorials,learning etc how should i start off learn html,php,javascript.
  12. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/25-cc/
  13. Finally i hit 350/hr
  14. Higher than some skills but yeah your standing in a wide open area doing constant actions so yeah
  15. I've only gotten 340 max...