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  1. Honestly at first i didn't even think i would get caught infact 5 years of my runescape play time i have never gotten caught....i guess you will if your not careful.
  2. If it wasn't your fault make a appeal i think they'll understand.
  3. Finally got banned at chins unfortunately i was unable to see if someone was near me or not before the ban.
  4. sigh :/ i can never bot on it ever again until it completely expires :/
  5. it said i can be unbanned in 2 days if i appeal or something it bvar is green at half and it's non appeal able am i going to get roll backed?
  6. I suggest people find empty world instead of bunching up and also make sure you are babysitting your script and having regular checks on it.
  7. I had tendonitis while back on my left tricep.Make sure your doing the correct form.
  8. Use the login bot have your account information entered...or you can tell jagex that your botting over 6hrs and you need the reload to be taken out.
  9. well it's not hurting only when i lift for a second after i can feel the pressure on my wrist bone area.
  10. When i lift my curl bar after i finish reps i can feel the tension in my forearm bone.I drink a lot of milk would this damage my bones or something it has to get use to?
  11. Never hop world it only adds to the fact that you are a bot.And i agree start speaking in another language rofl in your appeal you can say that english is not your first language and you didn't understand what they were saying etc etc.(IF you even get banned)
  12. Fruits,Dairy,meats,try to eat everything and anything.
  13. i use like 666 lool
  14. ugh i tried to get a 400+ per hr but couldn't
  15. it's version 2_01 i think