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  1. Sir, when im doing mage at the grand exchange sometimes the bot will run by the cooking guild and sit there for hours, is there anyway you can fix this.
  2. Script is working, currently doing the yanille walking method works fine. It definitely isnt 400k/hr. more like 130k/hr if lucky.
  3. idk if im setting this script up wrong but i have 20 bird snares, i go to feldip hills to catch birds and it teleports out. somone help please?
  4. mikerinks

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Using the trial, bot gets stuck during the world hopping stage.
  5. Nature crafting is shite... Wont even walk back to the gen store..... im glad you give trials because i am unsatisfied lmaao
  6. this bot is officially broken as of 1DEC2017 . world hop is broken and is stuck at login. do not buy . currently wasting my money
  7. world hop is broken please fix been happening all day. Thats a day wasted of the 14 day premium
  8. Great script. I get banned around 8-10 hrs average , 12-14 hrs on a good weekend. Only problem is that sometimes when logged out or when the interface to enter wilderness pops up, the bot gets stuck and doesn’t enter. I feel like that can be a simple fix and make this script almost 100% complete. Besides having to do that manually for max gp/hr, I love this script.
  9. script stuck at beginning for me.