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  1. Whats the safest way to transfer bonds over to a new account? Should I be worried after drop trading ~3.2m cash from a main?
  2. I get your idea! But the break handler is client-wise and the timer is script-wise so to make this happen there must be established a bridge between these and I don't think this is possible as of today The only reasonable solution to this is for @daxmagex to make a built-in break handler. But I guess hes not prioritising these kind of issues
  3. I feel you brother Got 2 of my strongest bots (80+) hunter banned 2 days ago. Sometimes you will get hit no matter how careful you are, only a few people know what parameters triggers a ban and they work at Jagex ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Do like me, start over, enjoy the money and be prepared for the next ban :-)
  4. Been using DaxHunter for months on 2 accounts, bought this script yesterday and did ~13 quests the script messed up so many times I had to babysit them for the entire time. Got banned today. NICE!
  5. Where to buy botting accounts?

    Bought 5 in total, around $7,5 each. Playerauctions.
  6. Where to buy botting accounts?

    Thanks, but: -I've been browsing Sythe for months upon months and all they got is pures and shit. If someone has botting ready accs, they're fresh. And don't let me even start on those fucking "Lemme craft dis 90 str pure, non botted!!11 just $499,99!" -Playerauctions actually had a lot of great sellers that sold 5 year veteran accs and stuff, pretty neat. Bought a few in May and still not recovered But nowadays the reputable sellers are selling other accounts
  7. Where to buy botting accounts?

    Hey, where is the best place to buy OLD accounts? Tutorial completed is not needed Could be rs3 accounts Login MUST be old, preferrably with character login (not email)
  8. Is my main safe if I do this at the same time on the same computer? Bot with proxy+looking glass (Osbuddy) Play on my main with Osbuddy (NO proxy) Will the Osbuddy client without proxy be on my local IP? Or will the IP be shared on both? Thankss