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  1. MY 1st main got 2 day ban then permanent ban after i got cought twice then i had another main but i didnt switch the IP address and i botted about 5000 willow logs and 1-25 hunter and tried agility for a few but failed and then got a 2 day ban on this main aswell wich is a level 99 so its not like a level 3 i think i over did it i know i was botting hunter for about 3 hours + the 5000 willows i got all that in like 24 hours so i i kinda expected the ban
  2. I have received minor 2 day ban on my main i think its because i havent changed my ip address from my last acccount that got banned im pretty sure my IP is flagged need to know how to change my IP Address iv heard its ass easy as unpplugging your router for 5 minutes i did that and it seemed to work i checked on google typed in IP the ip from before is different from the ip i have now idk if it work im asking if it did thats my question
  3. You Should add a cannonball option used the script ran perfect but cannonball option would be make it better
  4. Great Script So far been running for 5 mins making cannonballs at edgevile
  5. i need to pay thruu paypal but throught paypal debit option
  6. every video on youtube explain how to add your card to paypal nbot how to add funs to your paypal accoutn from your credit card (not bank) this is BS
  7. how do i do that i barely know how to use paypal
  8. I got a greendot card and i put 10$ in it and its completely activated right now i tried paying thruu the regular method using stripe ? or whatever the name is , and the payment didn't go through can i get help on how to pay for vip ? i need the extended VIP
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