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  1. Any idea, how much gp per hour with this mining bot?
  2. what proxies can u recommend?
  3. Thanks man! (Y)
  4. 16Gb Ram i5 6600k 3.5ghz should i be ok to run a little farm? and can you have mutiple tribot clients open?
  5. Hey guys, im wondering how many bots i can run on tribot? whats the max?
  6. how stable is this bot? any marks? im intrested in it
  7. Alright, do you know any decent 200-300k ish per hour bot? and with low ban rates? All help needed fellow botter brothers!!
  8. Hi guys, im looking for a new bot. I want a good money making bot, if its possible with 500k profit hour? And do you guys have any recommendation for bots with least ban and highest profit? Im looking forward to heard from you guys! have a great day!
  9. @Twinky cannon is a bit expensive right now, but i might try Pest controls. do you know how much xp per hour that is?
  10. Any suggestions then? Where i can get great xp without getting hp at same time? Thanks for the fast reply's guys! Really appreciate it! (Y)
  11. is there high ban rates at range guild? long time since i've been there, so i could need some help before going there again. Cheers guys!
  12. found it. go to folder aplication support.
  13. @Butta this doesnt help on a mac book... - ffs.. cant they put up a guide for macs aswell..