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Everything posted by madzpr

  1. Just a tip, dont bot f2p and p2p at the same time. Just got banned, my fault, but im just lettin ya know the only pattern taht changed on my botting time here, was mixing f2p bots with p2p ones. and i got banned immediately . thanks and good luck m8s
  2. gg cant say more. i might buy the 8$ vip
  3. Will do.
  4. Fix this please
  5. Its actually working. gr8
  6. Keep looking. Theres a lot of working ones.
  7. Another bot had one 3 years ago. it is posible
  8. The competition is for ppl who already bought your script or any willing to test how long can it go? Just wandering
  9. Falador aint working properly. it maxes 10k-12k /hr and its very obvious that your botting lol Thanks anyways.
  10. You will get permd if you bot again. Kinda simple.
  11. I just got full void, with xPest
  12. Thanks
  13. ~Looking for an updated *Free* Motherload Mining Script ~ as the tittle says, just wandering if anyone has anything to offer as a script er. We just need one. Im no hobo or a leecher, I know there's paid ones, but i just don't like the fact that im gonna paid for something that will get me banned anyways.
  14. Shit posting like a boss. Hey kid go raise your post count elsewhere /
  15. Thats all im asking
  16. Has any of you maxed and account to then legit it? Or bots are always caught sooner or later? Just wandering. Ima just bot my balls out till caught but just wandering your thoughts.
  17. me too m8 im maxed but rs3 ssucks sooo hard
  18. Try it and see.
  19. If i add something to teh loot list, the bot wont start. How can i fix this?
  20. No offense. Thats my point of view m8's. deep inside u know u want a free mlm script.
  21. Good job m8.
  22. Welcome and happy botting.
  23. This aint working + lots of bans aparently