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  1. madzpr

    Well guys GG main and pures lol.

    gg cant say more. i might buy the 8$ vip
  2. madzpr

    Well guys GG main and pures lol.

    Will do.
  3. Just a tip, dont bot f2p and p2p at the same time. Just got banned, my fault, but im just lettin ya know the only pattern taht changed on my botting time here, was mixing f2p bots with p2p ones. and i got banned immediately . thanks and good luck m8s
  4. madzpr

    USA's Pouch Retriever [FREE]

    Fix this please
  5. madzpr

    no scripts work!?

    Keep looking. Theres a lot of working ones.
  6. The competition is for ppl who already bought your script or any willing to test how long can it go? Just wandering
  7. Falador aint working properly. it maxes 10k-12k /hr and its very obvious that your botting lol Thanks anyways.
  8. madzpr

    Working PC Bot?

    I just got full void, with xPest
  9. madzpr

    TRiBot Release 9.220_3

  10. Shit posting like a boss. Hey kid go raise your post count elsewhere /
  11. Thats all im asking
  12. madzpr

    xPest Control [ABCL10] [Point Spending]

    Try it and see.
  13. madzpr

    daxFighter AIO [4/7/15]

    If i add something to teh loot list, the bot wont start. How can i fix this?
  14. No offense. Thats my point of view m8's. deep inside u know u want a free mlm script.