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  1. Hello everyone, Ive done some research on the seller. Hes not very often answering me in email and doesnt seem to give me the number of his mother, who I paid the money to. Funny thing is that in the website, where he sold me the account in September, he said that he dont like the game anymore and he is quitting. In 3rd of this month, he had done some business in the same website with a seller, who sells rs gp :D:D:D So, its obvious case. Im contacting the police and getting my real money back! Haha. Thanks for your replies, sorry for even suspecting Tribot...
  2. Hi, first I wanna say that I bought the account from a guy two months ago. The guy seems very reputable, I even have his ID, he lives in same country as me, even though Im not sure yet he is innocent. I read some thread about somebody very likely got hacked by a tribot script. How possible is this nowadays? I tried a few pest control and combat scripts mostly, not even much, but I had my account in the account manager. I remember when I tried the scripts, many of them asked me to allow an ip, and I probably put it always allow, which wasnt smart. I was fool using same pass for email, skype and rs, and one thing weird is that my skype pass was changed, even though there is no log data of anybody else except me logging in the last four days... Its either the guy who sold me this account, or somebody here because nobody else wouldnt know my credentials. Im sure I havent went on a phishing sites and ive scanned zillion times my pc and checked processes etc...
  3. Well its too late! I bought the whole fucking vip-e so paid like 14$ for month... Cmoon, some kind of refund for this should be available!!!
  4. Hi, I wanted to buy the vip extended for looking glass. I first bought the normal VIP.. I would like to refund it pls... straight money back or credits please! I bought the VIP extended after and now I have two vips active... Admins ?!
  5. It works for me. I wish the barricade&door repairing was more smooth. Its not human like to walk next to a tree, then click on the tree. A human would click on the tree on the go when still moving. And just when I was writing this, I noticed that a brawler blocked my way and it tried to go through it.... So much little bugs, those will get you banned for sure. I also hope that when the script goes through the doors to chop trees on the otherside of the gates, it wouldnt first go to the portal and then to trees... Straight away to trees would be more humanlike. Humans dont have those weird waitings when walking somewhere and then after stopping, clicking on the object.. These updates maybe isnt so hard to do really, I wish you update it a bit! Its good script anyway. Ahh after running this for like hour, Im afraid this will get me banned. Its running pointlessly, sometimes fixing barricade one time and then running on otherside of the map and back and ... Fix it soon please,
  6. Hey, I just activated your trial. The bot isnt drinking supper attack 3 and super str 3... Otherwise, looks promising so far. EDIT: Same problem as up a few comments Now it drinks when I tick the boxt too. I have a suggestion to make the bot more humanlike: When it clicks on the monster, the monster should be always visible, it clicks on the monster through a wall and no human could do that usually I dont feel its humanlike when it has always those long reaction times (its the ablc2 or what ever?). By the way, what is the ban rate of the script? Any reports?