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  1. eryklok

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Thanks a lot, hope they can be put to good use If I have VIP-E will the mouse data files I have now be changed with mine even when the VIP-E runs out? (I'll still get VIP-E for Looking Glass, just wondering how it works)
  2. eryklok

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    @TRiLeZ I've formatted my computer since and I 100% thought they would be safe on the server that's why I kept no backup... Could you please recover the files as they cost me hours of clicking or somehow fix the issue without me having to redo 22 files I uploaded over a month ago? Thanks in advance. E: I'm guessing the data loss is due to backup not being made before changing hosting provider unless there is a latest backup of attachments you could dig up?
  3. In Priest in Peril it keeps clicking the council sent me to check your pipes instead of saying the king sent him to talk to Drezel, had to pause the script and do that bit manually, only issue I found, will keep you posted, thanks for the script E: at: talk to real drezel it keeps clicking minimap near temple instead of opening the door
  4. eryklok

    Credit purchase ERROR, Account OVERDRAWN

    My card, I've PM'd you.
  5. eryklok

    Credit purchase ERROR, Account OVERDRAWN

    Thanks, I can provide any additional info over pm, had issues with W10 as well when I upgraded, had to download the clean ISO http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 and format/reinstall. Also, is the Human Mouse Data project still active? I posted 22 mouse data files to add to the project if needed. #UPDATE One transaction has been refunded and the bank took a $10 honor fee so, one of the transactions still went through so I would like to at least get the 8 credits I paid for and haven't been refunded, unless you could also refund the $8 it took out of my account that it shouldn't have which cost me $10 because of the bug, which would total to 16 credits. Either way, Thanks in advance. tl;tr: had $8 on account, bought 8 credits (attempted twice due to bug), took out $16, had to pay honor fee because of -balance, only refunded $8 3 days later, ignoring the honor fee I still paid for 8 credits that haven't been refunded or credited. Shouldn't need $16 on my account to purchase $8 worth, so the $10 loss was due to the website bug only, not asking for credits for that but would be a nice gesture
  6. eryklok

    Credit purchase ERROR, Account OVERDRAWN

    I have read the forums, there is similar topics, however they have been refunded properly and not received credits or rejected and couldn't buy credits,where as in my situation my card was rejected, didn't get credits for it, then it took the money out of my card x2 (tried with paypal and card itself) and refunded $0.00 twice. tl;tr: looks like you're the one who needs to read my post before posting in my thread
  7. Hi, I recently tried purchasing 8 credits with my card, it rejected it over PayPal and said its been refunded, then I tried with just my card (without PayPal) and it rejected it too, said its been refunded, I used a different type of card and it approved(not one I plan on using everytime). Now (2 days later) I checked my bank statement and it withdrew the money BOTH times (I only had enough on my account to cover for one of the transactions) and now its overdrawn my bank and I will be charged a dishonorable fee! I can see there has been an attempt to refund it twice but it was refunded with $0.00!!! Now I am going to have to borrow money before my next pay to cover for the account difference(only $8 and the dishonorable fee but I would rather not have to borrow money for a computer game because of a website bug...) could I get a proper refund or at least be covered with a sufficient amount of credits? @Usa @Todd @TRiLeZ
  8. yeah I meant which Java Update, I am pretty sure you can't even run TRiBot on Java 7 anymore. I'm wondering whether there is a more stable 8uXX version.
  9. eryklok

    TRiBot Release 9.229_0

    Is the data still being collected and is the project still going? There is a lot more data in the mouse data collection thread that could be added if needed
  10. I was wondering which Java version is the most stable (doesn't come up with any errors) because with every java update they obviously either change a part of the code or add a new abbreviation for a part of code and remove the old one so I was curious as I've just done a fresh format, WHICH JAVA IS THE BEST AND MOST STABLE FOR THE CURRENT REVISION OF TRIBOT and if running the x86 version of java on a x64 operating system, the jre works fine but the jdk doesn't start the bot (JDK needs to be x64) at least that's what happened every time on Windows 7, so I was wondering if there was a way to only install x64 JDK and not have 2-4 JRE entries?
  11. good idea, if it could get access to experiments i would definitely buy lifetime access
  12. Stop the script, make sure you click "Always allow" to all the firewall pop-ups and try again, if the issue persists either manually edit your firewall in the bot settings if you know how to or delete your "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\.tribot" folder and try again (this will definitely work).
  13. Sorry if I asked in the wrong topic but my question was more about the afk function of your script reducing ban rates not overall bot ban rates which I'm not worried about, thanks for the cold reply anyway
  14. how are the ban rates using this script on a fresh acc? planning on getting 99 melee combat stats using the 'afk' function but considering its "afk" im guessing the ban rates would be really low as it would be 99% harder to detect? how long would you recommend running it without breaks each day?
  15. eryklok

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    last 4 here. Xmouse_data-218191-1438478414728.dat Xmouse_data-218191-1438480156137.dat Xmouse_data-218191-1438480676842.dat Xmouse_data-218191-1438481512916.dat