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  1. My settings usually last 1h45-2hrs with random between 115-135 break is 20-30 mins next settings is log in for 35-41 mins and break for 10-15 mins After that sessions 7-8 hrs, and 6 hours break to stimulate sleep got me to 99 doing this
  2. I did 45-95 Blackjack, 95-99 Ardy knights (AFter Med Diary) Botted in 1 week to get to 99, had to babysit until he author fix the tent issue. But overall great script.
  3. Trying to log in, yes i'm not VIP but clearly I only have 1 tabs open.. I'm trying to open up AutoFishingPro. But won't let me due to this. [Edited] Now am VIP lol fix.
  4. Hows the Fishing Crawler on this? Interested on feedback before purchase.
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