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    Pm discord CALLING ON @YoHoJo
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    1.6M per credit You go first unless you're trusted. pm
  3. Premium Script Writers will not waste their time spending days making a 20 minute quest. AFAIK.
  4. Yeah, that'd be amazing with Karambwanji. Thanks for listening
  5. Guess you have a point, but i highly doubt people would waste their time making this script.
  6. This quest literally takes 15 minutes to do, shouldn't need a script to actually do this imo. Or OP is just plain lazy
  7. @Einstein Can you have this support cat growing for ironbois?
  8. @Netami Does this work with Morytania Legs 3 for TP? Doing this on Ironman it'll be nice to know if it works with that. My current set up is Ring of Dueling to Clan Wars --> TP with Morytania Leg 3 to walk to barrows.
  9. Requesting and willing to pay for someone to make me a Private Blue Dragon Killer. Script must be able to: Safe spot with range, and mage. Falador Tabs/House Tabs Supported 70 Agility support Payment amount will be discussed with the writer. Timeframe - 1 Week to do it. Also must be able to use LG.
  10. My settings usually last 1h45-2hrs with random between 115-135 break is 20-30 mins next settings is log in for 35-41 mins and break for 10-15 mins After that sessions 7-8 hrs, and 6 hours break to stimulate sleep got me to 99 doing this
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