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  1. Ive purchased 101m+ from yohojo over the past month or so, no issues. He's great and always has great prices.
  2. Ive dealt with YohoJo and his team quite a bit over the past month or two and they are always professional and helpful.
  3. You sir are going to win every prize ever. How many mind runes/fire runes did you use for this run? And Varrock or mage bank?
  4. To be honest Raise the price to $10-12 per auth 1 instance per current users keep their amount of auths 1 auth= 1 instance And allow the current users to buy back to there previous for a discount. So if a user has 1 auth=2 instances then give them the opeertunity to buy another auth at discount but only to get back to their previous amount of instances no more
  5. So I have already made all my money back +extra using this script. Bought mems again on some new accounts and will get another auth probably
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