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  1. I was using stripe for the past 5 times I bought credits on the same credit card and cpu and now it says fraudulent it's ridiculous this is not good customer service unflag my IP!
  2. That's not fair, seriously
  3. Trying to use stripe been using it since it came out now it's saying fraudulent payment, can someone unflag me cause neither PayPal works nor Bitcoin
  4. coinbase needs id
  5. which one is good and doesn't require id
  6. That's not even fair I used the same credit card every time and the same computer every time how can it be fraudulent now I have to buy rsgp to buy credits which cost way more or open a bitcoin account which asks for my ID on that's seriously really unfair
  7. yea im getting the same thing with stripe its annoying
  8. Anyone wanna make a free sand crab bot would love u forever