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  1. Got hit too. Don't know what caused it as it was a botting PC but I'm investigating more.
  2. Was hit by something as well but I can't accuse anyone yet till I investigate thoroughly.
  3. updated week's profits
  4. bought 8 creds. quick and easy as usual and got a special surprise preview thanks!
  5. Right now I'm currently building a 5/4/75 tank because dfs+serp is so messed up. It's gonna take around 400-600 hours but its just a side project. Not botting it either. Incase you were wondering, the 5 attack and 4 str cuts down the training by about half and sacrifices like 4 cb lvls I believe it was; worth it in my opinion.
  6. I believe there is a free one too. However the "won't get you banned" part I don't believe exists in any bot from anywhere.
  7. Your absolutely right. I was speaking from the viewpoint of having a 30m stack flipping p2p so my bad. That might not be the best idea.
  8. Go to GE limits page and choose 10 items from the list and put them in. I'd be surprised if it didn't accumulate atleast 120k/hr.
  9. lost 52m today :/ 90% a delayed ban from using a WC script for about 5 days a week ago. All of my other accs were untouched.
  10. Is there any reason as to why my username won't load in the server or won't register? I can't seem to display my signature nor find my data.
  11. Thanks and nah I'm not cutting woodcutting anymore. After a few months of messing around with it I concluded it to be not worth my time. I will add more info regarding the failure and more info about what I am doing right now in the post. I have nothing to do today so I'll get started on that. Dont wanna double post but I wanted to say I won't be posting daily updates but weekly and they will be in the post. I will still post if something extraordinary happens though.
  12. DAY 7+8: 9m
  13. I'm not super informed on the topic, but you may consider looking into a Virtual Machine. Not exactly super sure on the function of it, but I know that Mac users can run windows programs through it. Search it up.
  14. Have a very lengthy bug report. Accidentally ran two accounts because I fell asleep after dabbing on some shatter. Oddly enough one account ended up in lumby and the other in the varrock castle. He actually gained a str level there too lol which is slighly scary. Anyways, sending in a min.