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  1. Hello I've used this bot before and know what i'm doing, I'm doing mtd mode and I've done the quests for it, I've got all my pots ready and everything good to go but when i go into the accept screen so i can start the mini game it doesn't press accept, it just stops at the menu and sits there! @erickho123! like do i need to do more quests or? do i need certain stats or something! im very confused, as you see in the picture it just stays in that menu and doesn't do anything! https://gyazo.com/0bc4924127107ea20b978249d2113b09
  2. I bought vip and im wanting to know how i don't have looking glass, i had it before but when i got vip again it is not here please help!
  3. @Tri has the sand crabs been fixed yet? whenever i try to train it lags so hard that my bot just freezes. would love for you to fix this thanks!!
  4. The USA Green dragon bot
  5. I've contacted the script owner and he hasn't replied its been a week @TRiLeZ
  6. @Usa I asked for a refund becasue i didn't mean to buy this script, i have not used it and never will due to the fact that im a pure. i would like a refund please. I asked a week ago and got no reply i deactivated the script and waiting for a respond thanks.
  7. hello i accidentally bought the wrong script which was the GREEN DRAGON BOT which i miss clicked for the lava dragon bot! can you please help me and give me a refund? i can't use the green dragon script and never will thanks. @TRiLeZ
  8. Hello i am doing rock crabs with this script i use the banking option which is - Monk fish -24 Super strength (4) - 3 and when i type in Camelot teleport it doesn't recognise that i have Camelot tabs in the bank then it logs out and the scripts stops. Can you tell me what im doing wrong? like it gets monkish out and super strength but never the Camelot tab so im really confused @Tri.
  9. i have 2 problems with this script 1. when trying to steal from tea stalls or any stalls it sits in the bank and does nothing. 2. when trying to steal from a farmer it just runs around looking for a farmer. 3. would never buy this again most useless script i've ever used.
  10. Hello i accident;y bought this script instead of lava dragons i was wondering if you're able to refund it please.? @Usa