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  1. Hi, part of the reason I bought this script was to get full graceful (got it, script is flawless there)but also because of the agility pyramid support. I noticed that it doesn't trade in the pyramid top once it successfully completes one round of the agility pyramid. Could you look into a feature that trades in the pyramid top? The pyramid top significantly increases weight and leads to a lot more fails per hour, making the agility pyramid part of the script rather useless. Thank you in advance!
  2. Can we please get support for thieving ardy knights at the bank? There's always one lured on w378. Would make this script 10/10
  3. Hi, checking in here and 4 months since i played osrs/ last used this script. How are the rev caves looking rn? I feel like they'd be a lot more saturated? Have your profits per hour dropped significantly in the past 4 months? also happy to see that im still on the hiscores list XD -fellow botter and ex top 3 godsrevenants hiscores
  4. not sure of this entirely but some sources say you can actually google the conversion if you really dont know how
  5. ANOTHER BUG "it says we're out of burning ammys!" when theres tons of burning ammy's in the bank lol ANOTHER BUG i let my bot run over night and i woke up to see it idle at cwars tele spot, its been logged in for over 8 hours just standing in the same spot
  6. 8/10 times i'd say it usually hops but sometimes it does not hop, i have run across the issue as well. Another issue I've found is that it doesn't do anything about being poisoned. I was baby sitting one of my accounts for a bit and noticed that after being ddsed, it didnt go into white portal at clan wars (although it was low pray and poisoned). I mean it's not really a big deal cuz the poison will go away eventually but still would be better if it's fixed
  7. yeah I believe it might be because this account was made a few months ago, not a fresh account. I'm defining suicide botting as 12+ hours a day everyday I just avoid botting on sunday nights
  8. this has happened to atleasst 4 of my accounts now, the script seems to change the attack style to "long range" sometimes and that leads to accounts i didnt intend on training defence, having def lvls which is annoying. Can you look into this godspower? ALSO, got my first ever craws bow!was like 2 weeks of suicide botting dry on this acc
  9. Hey I don't know if this is considered a bug but i notice that sometimes when it has low run, it just drinks the stamina potion but doesnt turn on run options also @godspower33 how much do you average on accounts with 75 range and no salve ammy?
  10. Yes I'm aware one of the accounts reveals the username, all these accounts have been banned though (obviously, a ban was inevitable because i was botting these accounts 18+ hrs a day for a week straight without breaks) EDIT: still 200% profit lmao
  11. yeah thats what the script im using is doin, just right clicking search lol
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