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  1. Hungryhubraki

    Banned for Botting

    Yup botting is not the same as it was 3 years ago, sorry to hear though. Dont use any precious accounts to bot on.
  2. Hungryhubraki

    i cant figure out how to run the client to save my life

    Not trusted, but happy to provide assistance. You can screen share on skype or just ask questions in pm. Let me know or just wait.
  3. Does it not? I am using it right now with LG for over 20 hours, seems to be fine. or am i special
  4. Just got this script, and really liking it so far. however i was concerned/interested in the difference between the main calculator and version 2. Version 2 seems to be giving me up to 20% higher odds in some cases, so i am wondering which is generally the most accurate of the two. Thanks
  5. Is it also possible to make the bot log off if membership has run out. Often it will swap to a p2p world and then sit there trying to either offer member items on the ge , or try hop back to a p2p world over and over.
  6. Just tried out the 5 hour trial, seemed to work smoothly so i brought a lifetime auth. So far i am very impressed and it is working great. Just wondering in terms of this script in particular what is a suitable run time to minimize risk of getting banned. Is 10 hours training a day too much or ok? Thanks!
  7. https://gyazo.com/6fcf4ab96f47d72e65bd22a85f9b071a The bot is working quite nicely here is a nice proggy .
  8. Hungryhubraki

    [R] Looking for Scripting Suggestions

    Yes those are good points. May take some time and testing to make the mule have a number of saftey features. Would also not be recommended to have a 10hp mule. Yup that may be a good starting point, there are probably more profitable theiving methods. But that may be a good way to make some cash early on . Especially if we are looking at the start of the next seasonal, when the gp rates are high.
  9. Hungryhubraki

    [R] Looking for Scripting Suggestions

    I like the idea of dmm scripts. Perhaps some safe spot methods could be good as well. I think having a mule option will be a good idea. The frequency of the trades will be something that will need to be fine tuned - too many trades will get the mule banned, but leaving the items on the mules will lead to more losses i suspect. However it will take me some time to fully develop all this.
  10. Hungryhubraki

    [R] Looking for Scripting Suggestions

    Looking for anyone to post some ideas for some scripts you would like. If i make any of them they will be publicly available, and completely free. I am looking to start developing tribot scripts as i will have alot of spare time coming up , and hopefully, eventually becoming an offical scripter. Would prefer relatively simple suggestions for now with low-medium level requirements. Not opposed to the following : - Basic quests - Unique item collection - Hybrid scripts that can preform say wc and fletch Feel free to suggest anything
  11. Hungryhubraki

    Tribot saying I have more than one instance open

    check the instance manager, close all running instances there and it should work. If not after you dont run the bot for a while it should allow you to start back up .
  12. Hungryhubraki

    Need Help.

    You could buy some bitcoin and use that?
  13. Just a heads up, since there are new deadman worlds i had 2 accounts banned. They were previously on those worlds and unfortunately the script continuiously tried to return to those, leading to a ban. If your bot is logged in and spamming to a deadman world i would take all the gp off it , its most likely banned.