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  1. PockerRock

    [ABC2] [Closed BETA] Netami's Air Orb Crafter V2

    Name: PockerRock Accounts intending to run: 1 for now. Do you promise to report bugs as you find them: Sure, i'll do.
  2. PockerRock

    Confused about some basic botting stuff - pls halp! D:

    Just use a VPN in your computer or a proxy and you should be fine.
  3. PockerRock

    [ABCL 10][157hr Proggy] FC Woodcutting [AIO]

    Reached 96 woodcutting all with this script but got banned yesterday, it was an awesome trip!
  4. PockerRock

    Question on Tribot

    Premium scripts trial are only for VIP. If you bought the script, you can use the auths you bought without client restriction.
  5. PockerRock

    [ABCL 10][157hr Proggy] FC Woodcutting [AIO]

    In a few weeks or days, would post screenshot getting 99, only with this script from level 1.
  6. PockerRock

    Noob Botter- Need help setting up

    Make sure you are not in resizable.
  7. You extracted the .jar file.
  8. PockerRock

    [ABCL 10][157hr Proggy] FC Woodcutting [AIO]

    On my way to 99, only with this script, just reached 85! UPDATE: Reached 90!
  9. PockerRock

    99 Fishing ?

    Transfer wealth into a mule (other acc)
  10. PockerRock

    [ABCL 10][157hr Proggy] FC Woodcutting [AIO]

    It is working for me right now, and all is fine.I think it is a spot problem.
  11. PockerRock

    Ban Risks

    It would be watched closely, but you can suicide it and give the supplies to the mule every 1 hour or so.
  12. PockerRock

    [Open Source] FC Blue Dye Maker

    You are really fast! Really nice to see it, would put member on an account and some logs to try it out and give you some nice proggie,
  13. PockerRock

    [ABCL 10]iFlaxPicker[GNOME][SEERS][900+FLAX/HR]

    You know when was the last post? Over a year ago, stop grave-digging to get posts.