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  1. interested, PMed you
  2. just once thou right? After it finish smelthing?
  3. i update that already. the one with reusing the gold ring on the furance. Did you redownload the script. Unless i forgot to update it
  4. New Update Now use name instead of ID. so you dont have to worry about inputing id
  5. Oop forgot to mention that part Yea you need to enter how much you are buying each for
  6. Here is a little script that just help you undefined the unknown herb that are being trade. Requirement : Money What it does: When someone trade you the Unid, then program define all the Unid for you and print them out on the bottom on the debug Total Amount Worth is the how much you will get if you sell all the Unid Total Herb is the Total amount of Herb they are trading you Total Cost is the cost that you are buying for. [The amount your buying for multiply by the number of herb trading] Profit is the Cost - the Amount Worth The P/H is base on how lucky you can get a good trade You can say buying One Stack At a time, or sell back your brought crappy herb ATTENTION: When you click start it only type in the line once and stop. Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36349237/DG%20Unid%20Tool.rar
  7. Working on Unid undefined tool! 95% done

  8. Working on Unid undefined tool! 95% done

  9. What the different between running when it has energy and when its not? Like does saving to 50 energy really makes a different?
  10. http://puu.sh/47NFz.jpg Use Bank booth Id [Debug > Interactive object] I I have fix the debug, but havent test it out. it should work. Any problem post below
  11. Ok i fixed the timer issue. if anyone more problem, post it again
  12. Update on a script.Stall id change http://pastebin.com/rfAX7Yfz
  13. TBH i havent update much for this script except the GUI to make it semi auto update. [Due to work, i dont really have time to spend on PC. But once school start i can do more update] Yes i stable i have been able to run this 20+ hour, but stop cause i ran out of rune ess I remove the teleport option because i add a world hop when a spider is near the NPC at the trading store Sometime it get stuck when exiting the altar, but it should auto correct itself
  14. I will see what i can come up with
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