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  1. ty mate ^ - Online taking orders/STILL hiring workers.
  2. Don't think it beats mine.
  3. Haha yeah ^ Ty.
  4. Requirements 1. 5M deposit fee (Refundable when you leave). 3. You must have a Skype so that we can communicate. T.O.S 1. You must pay a 5M 07 deposit fee in order to join, this goes to me and will be refundable if you decide to leave. 2. If you accept a order, you must finish it if not you will not get paid anything. 3. I am not responsible for any infractions of your account before/after the service. 4. The deposit fee is non-refundable if you decide to leave or if you're kicked from the service, but I guarantee you will have orders and you . 5. If you scam a customer, you will be terminated from the service and no refund will be given. 6. By filling out the order form you agree to the T.O.S. 7. When you complete a order, you get 90% of it I keep 10%. Application Form How long are you on per day?: What is your Time Zone?: Do you have the 5M 07 fee?: Have you added my Skype?: Why would you like to work for my services?: Do you agree to the TOS?: Skype: Fastcheapservices Service Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50895-zigzagservices-questing-service-%E2%98%86fast%E2%98%86%E2%96%90-%E2%98%86cheap%E2%98%86/
  5. Haha maybe, I mean his sig is NICE! But yours ^^ not sure could actually better both are AMAZING.
  6. Thanks mate, nice looking sig you got their btw <3
  7. Order Form What quest do you need done?: Do you have the stat requirements for the quest?: Have you added my Skype yet?: Do you agree to my T.O.S?: (Yes or No): Hiring Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50964-15-vouches-%E2%98%86hiring-questers%E2%98%86-guaranteed-profit/
  8. Did a firecape for me ty
  9. script isn't working please fix
  10. Yeah, sure it will probs cost me as Like its me writing an whole essay, but we can discuss. Skype: Spinny.jr Add my skype will discuss further.
  11. @Nukem Yeah you're probs right man not sure. I'm not in trilez's brain to think what his thinking and then tell you
  12. What you mean I think wrong explain.
  13. @Flamo353 LOL
  14. @Partyhat Not sure If I explained it but yeah... if you dont understand anything let me know im more than happy to re explain myself.
  15. @Partyhat Well im saying mate, just wait and see trilez is a busy man, and he could be discussing with others if he should increase it or not.