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  1. Thanks jewbag what should i be eating just usual chicken fish greens and.wholemeal?
  2. Hey guys im jim im 20 years old and a farm worker by trade, my stats: 5"10in (177.8cm) and 15stone (95.2kg) im not overly fat but have started to put a little belly on i was wanderingwhat would u guys advise to.burn and bulk the abs and.chest many thanks jim
  3. 2 of my bots got 2 days banned in mining guild due to bot busting today just to warn u guys that they r looking =]
  4. someone must be running all these bots in lumby lol buying 15k bow strings
  5. so i ave 6 accounts ready to bot and i want to pick something that is going to generate a good profit from those accounts currently i have a few of them in mining guild but its a bit slow, what would u guys recomend im looking forward to farming santas tho
  6. if anyone could throw one of these together i would pay =] shouldnt be too hard to code surley?
  7. if anyone knows of or can link me to a oak cutter in say like dryanor that cuts and BANKS the oaks i would be highly appreciative thanks
  8. how much bud???
  9. im looking to bot a pure up and am stuck between picking a G maul/mage pure and a Void Pure can anyone do osme pros and cons and also if they could find me a list of quests to do as a voider as i have scanned google for it and had no luck!