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  1. Does this script get the barrows armor repaired or will it just stop when it hits 0? Would be amazing if it would use home teleport to Bob to repair and then Minigame tele back to NMZ.
  2. How much for you to do the nmz quests & skill requirements? accct is 70-70-70 no other stat and 0 qp.
  3. Would you do the nmz quests and requirements? Currrently 70-70-70 combat and just need the skilling stats and quests for nmz.
  4. Would you do the nmz quests and requirements? Currrently 70-70-70 combat and just need the quests for nmz.
  5. Fair enough. Delayed me so long I got logged out. So stupid. Thanks for the info <3
  6. Ran the script and in the client debug it just spammed numbers. It was extremely slow to start cooking after banking. Is that a script issue or a ABC2 issue? because I could definitely cook by hand 2 or 3x quicker. So its completely unrealistic to go that slow.
  7. https://gyazo.com/fc8108bf414153114afdf2267983253a Been running the script for Almost 16 hours flawlessly. Quick question though, is my xp / hr good? not sure how much xp / hr on waterbirth it should be cause I've never done it. I tried looking at the recent runs but it doesn't say what settings so they could be using a cannon.
  8. Worked Flawlessly for 5 hours at ardy nature chest. Worked okay at farmers. But now it won't thieve silk stall. [00:01:47] Script Started: LAN Thiever. [00:01:48] [LAN Thiever] Please check the recommended requirements in the forum thread and fill in the GUI to get started. [00:01:48] [LAN Thiever] Please do not interfere with the script. Select 'Client > Block User Input' in the menu to be sure. [00:01:48] [LAN Thiever] To make sure you don't accidentally attack any NPC's while pickpocketing, wear a bow without ammo. [00:02:25] java.lang.NullPointerException [00:02:25] at scripts.lanthiever.a.a.p.f(StallThieveStrategy.java:81) [00:02:25] at scripts.lanthiever.a.a.p.f(StallThieveStrategy.java:128) [00:02:25] at scripts.lanapi.game.script.LANScript.run(LANScript.java:229) [00:02:25] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [00:02:25] [LAN Thiever] Thank you for using LAN Thiever! You ran this script for 00:00:37. If you enjoyed this script, please leave a message on the forums [00:02:25] Script Ended: LAN Thiever.
  9. Script keeps detecting itself as a player and hopping worlds Found user: and the account is the one I'm using the script on. So it s basically in a hopping loop I added myself to the ignore list but its still weird that it was detecting myself because i ran the script over 10 hours before without an issue on the same account.
  10. Any change of adding alching while waiting for traps to either need to be reset or claimed?
  11. Writing you a pm now about a script idea. I think it'd be pretty easy to make but I'm not a scripter so I don't know for sure.
  12. Happened to me as well. So I stopped using that method and just spet money on zul-andra teleports. Can't wait! Looking good!
  13. Do you have like a quick guide on how to set it up for using bagged plants? When I do it manually, I usually unnote them in rimmington, fill my water jug and use the rimmington house portal but I don't know if thats the quickest way or if its the way the bot does it. Any info you could give me on this?