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  1. @Optimus Hey, i noticed you have Taverly Blue Dragons as a walking location. I was wondering if you could add a small extension to the character up to plane 1 where it can fight during slayer task. Thanks, megabot
  2. When i try using the cannon it just places it and loads with balls but doesn't fire, worked fine yesterday but today it seems bugged. Will updated if it was a location based problem. update still not clicking fire on cannon after placed even at different locations.
  3. Studying electrical engineering so I only got to practice first years C programming and robotics. I'm trying to make myself a clue scroll script but am struggling with what apis to use for certain things. ex I know i can use string to locate the medium clue but don't know how to save its changing after step completion.
  4. I'm looking to develop a private script for mys self to both learn how to code rs scripts and for bot farm. Looking for an experienced scripter to help guide me through skype. I have coding experience from university. If anyone has the time to help, I will compensate for you time hourly through payment of moneys or rsgps
  5. got 3 credits i don't need and i want 2.5m for them, I will go first if you have decent feedback. skype: stefan.lenasi
  6. im allowed 5 transfers every 31 days
  7. Selling 3 credits for 3.5m osrs, shoot me a pm if your interested
  8. megabot

    Buying 13m

    Buying 13m gold for 40 dollars candian. Pm me on skype or dm on here. skype: stefan.lenasi
  9. id like to buy some gold. skype: stefan.lenasi
  10. id like to buy some skype: stefan.lenasi
  11. Great bot runs near flawless for cutting bows, only problem is it doesn't count the number of logs cut. Also just wondering if it has an ABCL 10
  12. Selling lots of bulk supplies. (pure ess - super energy pots(4) - house tabs) skype: stefan.lenasi
  13. Depending on what you do for the exp if you were to do it with abyss nature runes your looking at botting about 20 hours a day for 60 days.
  14. Makes no sense to price it the same as an abyss script when it can do abyss plus like 100 other things on top of it plus you have to keep in mind that's running as many accounts as you want.
  15. Just a little progy before i got so sleep. (just to clarify that's over 1200 nats per an hour)
  16. makes extended finally worth getting now since the bot panel offered nothing the team viewer couldn't.
  17. does extended come with a vpn or so you have to get one on your own?
  18. When about will the update be pushed?
  19. I think web walking issue also with the dark mage not always seems to fail when pouches degrade.
  20. +1 for the thing that he said about the maze
  21. Botting always has a risk of ban no matter what bot you use.
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