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  1. Do u also do MM services for accounts? Want to sell an account
  2. Scripts seem to randomly stop doing anything after about 1.5-2 hrs
  3. As the title states I'm looking to buy a minimum of 50 and up to 75mil for 85$/m using Paypal. I'll send it as friends and will pay the fee. The minimum and maximum is set because I'm okay with buying less if you can't supply the full amount. Will only trade with members with good reputation. Willing to go first. Mm can be used on own cost/discretion.
  4. Yeaahhh thanks. I read that after posting. Bought Aagility meanwhile.
  5. Ok, so either this is an antiban from Jagex or its a little problem with the script. @Canafis rooftops the bot gets 'stuck' at the rooftop it gets to after using the jumping pole. You have to click trough yourself otherwise the bot will stand completely still. This doesn't happen each time. I've successfully botted 40 to 44 agility without it happening. I've tried changing some settings. Tried fullscreen, hiding chat box etc but still happens. Closed the bot and hope it wasn't an anti cheating measurement thing from Jagex.
  6. The bot is getting trippy when I'm using it. The menu clearly states "Flicking rapid heal cause its been X seconds", but then it gradually lets the hp come to 2 and 3 and then it says "Eating rock cake" and it just doesn't do it. Even when overloads finish it says "drinking overload" but it doesn't.. =\ Edit: I believe it's a LG and Osbuddy problem. I don't seem to have this issue on RuneLite
  7. Aah heel jammer. Ik ga zaterdag een account kopen voor iets van 220mil, dus wilde wel iets van 300 kopen. In principe is 60 dan wel voldoende als zakgeldje. Ik heb je geadd op discord, zullen we daar verder praten of doe je het liever hier?
  8. Ik zou graag 200 tot 250 mill willen kopen, afhankelijk van je prijzen momenteel. Via Ideal uiteraard. Wat zijn je rates?
  9. Have you contacted Crimson: yes Amount of accounts: 1 Brief description of order: powerleveling Have you read and accept our ToS: yes I would like to get a quote for: 50 attack > 70 attack 54 strength > 70 strength 47 defence > 70 defence (monkey madness and dragonslayer done)
  10. Lange Ritch

    Looking glass??

    Hi fellow botters, It's been a while since I've botted and am back to try again even though I always get banned. Last time I checked vip extended had looking glass which is supposed to reduce chances(?). I can't seem to find it though. Is looking glass still available?
  11. Does anyone have a good training method with this script from lvl 65 thieving? I don't care about gp/h I just need 75 thieving fast.
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