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  1. How would I transfer the money from the bots to my account?0
  2. Starting a bot farm right now, made 50 accounts and going to bot cows non stop, should be 1m/hr with 50 accounts. since Im going to be botting them from the start, I will see if jagex detects anything and bans t hem.
  3. Never, only tribot, and I dont think I will ever bot on my account again, tribot should implement a way of recording mouse movement so you can safely bot, and I dont mean like the "human mouse implementation" shit, they should do something similar to robotz in disguise.
  4. Ok well, I trained my account up really high and got very good stats, I started on my account right as osrs came out. Last week I decided to "safely" bot, I used ABCL10 scripts and only botted for 2-3 hours every 4 days, 2 days ago I used a zulrah script on this forum (kills zulrah for you) I used it on looking glass (as I do with all my botting) I used the script for around 3 hours and then stopped and went to sleep, the next morning when I woke up I had a permanent botting ban (sad rite), I then contacted jagex and somehow persuaded them to lower it to a moderate ban meaning I'm not permanently banned, this whole situation really scared me and I just wanted to share this so people think twice about botting on an account they care about (i'm not saying dont bot). I wont be botting again and I guess I wasted a good $40 on buying 2 scripts and vip extended.
  5. Buy bitcoin from localbitcoin.com This happened to me too, the way I fixed it was by waiting, skrill reviews the payment to see if it is in fact fraudulent, this may take around a week so buy bitcoin for the time being, another way would be to phone your bank to see if they are blocking the payment.
  6. Bot was working but now gets stuck at the bank, every setting is fine I dont know why it is stuck at bank.
  7. I am using the trial and sometimes when I run the script it does not tell me which prayers to switch too, I have to restart tribot, this happens quite often so you should probably look into fixing it.
  8. I want to bot NMZ on my main but my runescape account took a really fucking long time to make and get stats, I have never botted before, my combat is 110+. What are the best methods to use to not get banend for botting (and dont say "dont bot") How do I use the tribots best antiban features and reflection and all. Do I have to purchase something to get the best antiban because I am willing. Thanks for reading.
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