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  1. Script Queue

    PUT RESPEK ON YOHOJO NAME, please and thank you.
  2. How do I get my bot to break

    Thank you very much! will try this later today.
  3. How do I get my bot to break

    Title says it all - "How do I get my bot to break" Ive tried multiple different scripts and on all of them when I press on break, it says no breaks. Im tryna start running 16 bots tomorrow so I really would like to get the break thing figured out. what do I do to have breaks on my bots, and random breaks not all every 30 mins, every single time. Ex play 20 mins, break 5 mins, play 40 mins, break 7 mins, play 30 mins , break 7 mins, play 40 mins , break 15 minute etc. Please help.
  4. The only way to lose weight

    I heard cabbage diet is a great way to loose weight, supposedly it burns more calories digesting cabbage then is inside the actual cabbage you eat. Going to try this diet tomorrow or day after, ill let you know how much weight i gain/loose.
  5. Paying for Custom account builds

    What skills and levels are you looking for, also how much you paying.
  6. daxCombat v2

    Might try this one out, does it have lots of bugs tho currently tht will get you banned?
  7. How long did you leave your bot running? Did you take breaks? What time (Eastern) did you bot? Im thinkin you did not bot smartly resulting in ur ban. I had the same issue first few times i botted and lost approx 10-15 bots, now i havent gotten banned in a good 2 weeks
  8. This script worked wonders for me. Had no problems. On my way to 85 mining and 85 smithing (dax blast furnace) Remember to bot smart, take breaks every 30 mins or so and you should be fine, also dont bot more then 8 hours daily i recommend.
  9. just did it, i get approx 800 steel bars every 30 mins w/ coal bag.
  10. Been using it for 1 hour and 30 mins w/ breaks every 30 mins and have no problems, i think u needa learn to take breaks and i heard botting b/w 5 am and 2 pm est timezone is a no no cuz thts when mods go lookin for botters. Better luck nxt time!
  11. Weird Question.

    cool thx!