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  1. If you want gold, pm me your skype ill sell cheaper then they do.
  2. Whats a ban?
  3. wait till monday, if you survive, youll get 99.
  4. would it produce heat if you add hot water?
  5. Whats your skype?
  6. Hello, I have created a starter void pure and it needs quests and stats which would take couple days of work depending on how long you decide to play. Im looking for the cheapest/reliable service provider. Post your skype below if you interested.
  7. dont bot an account unless you ready to loose it
  8. Whenever using a script even premium , others have used it, patterns are detected, and when dealing with the api, how the script interacts with the game can be somewhat detected/noticed.
  9. If you are looking for VOUCH let me know, I will be able to examine the guide.
  10. Erm, big change, previous one was pretty simple, I dont know who came up with this theme/update. Is there even a feedback option? IMO pretty spasticlike because im using 4k
  11. I can easily gain/loose weight, 1 day on a diet and i loose 5 pounds. Gz on your accomplishment
  12. Added ur Skype
  13. he offered 5m mate, looking for 8m total
  14. need for staking, i will provide 300k extra for each acc for supplies, post prices below