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  1. Stan0606

    [P] Alching with features

    there wouldnt be much of a difference either way lol <3
  2. Stan0606


    learn how to code and write your own manager.
  3. Stan0606

    Starting up

    iwouldnt personally use any website that is rs related for botting.
  4. Stan0606

    Back at Botting!

    if you need gold let me know can sell 20-50m, check out my signature thread
  5. Stan0606

    [P] Looking for a Private Tutorial Island Script

    Theres free/premium scripts out there that will get the work done. Just having a private script for tut island wont make a difference.
  6. Stan0606

    guys why does it ask for acess to my ip?

    trying to gather all your info kappa
  7. Stan0606

    Having real trouble making accounts

    I wouldnt even use a rs proxy provider for rsbots in the first place.
  8. Stan0606


    mby you dont need breaks bby?
  9. Stan0606

    Questions! need answers from experience botters! thank you

    breaks are a waste of time and gp/h
  10. Stan0606

    Flax Picker

    isnt it like 10k an hr and you need regicide complete? R U OKAY m8?
  11. Stan0606

    Gambling Script?

    Was good while it lasted
  12. Stan0606

    Please Take Me Under Your Wings

    No one will help you for free or give their methods away. Your best and cheapest option would be to run accounts and learn from any mistakes or any ways you can profit.
  13. Stan0606

    Please Take Me Under Your Wings

    To make 1b you either need to stake or run 500-2500 accounts depending on method and if its p2p or f2p, and you would like to get the automated.
  14. Stan0606

    Gambling Script?

    you the one running 4 letter accs?